Good morning my new friends nice to meet you
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Good morning, my new friends! Nice to meet you! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Good morning, my new friends! Nice to meet you!. My name is Elena Vladimirovna. Uu. [ju:] m u seum s u permarket. [˄] b u s stop f u nfair. Cc. [s] c inema c entre. [k] c afé c ave. Oo. [ɒ] h o spital sh o p. [u:] swimming p oo l z oo sch oo l.

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Good morning, my new friends! Nice to meet you!

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Good morning, my new friends!Nice to meet you!

My name is Elena Vladimirovna.






bus stop funfair












[u:] swimming pool



  • What is the date today?

  • Is February the first, the second or the third month?

  • Has anybody in your class got a birthday in February? When is it?

  • Guess when my friend has birthday. It was yesterday.

  • Student’s books p. 14.

  • Listen to the dialogue, ex. 1.

  • Now read the dialogue in pairs.

  • What questions are the parents asking Andy? How are they asking?

  • How is Andy answering?

  • What tense is used here? Let’s compare our thoughts with the rule (p. 79 3, 4).

Action TimeThe three tourists in London

The first tourist has gone into the toy shop, Hamleys.

The second tourist has gone out of the British Museum.

The third tourist has walked acrossTower Bridge.

The first tourist has gone around the statue in Hyde Park.

The second tourist has got on the bus to London Business School.

The third tourist has got off the train in London Underground.

The first tourist has walked straight onOxford Street.

The second tourist has walked up Fleet Street.

The third tourist has turned left and came to Piccadilly Circus.

The first tourist has turned right and came to Trafalgar Square.

The second tourist has walked down to St Paul’s Cathedral.

Where have you been to?

  • Have you V3 ……?

  • Have you visited the …..(library)?

    gone to

Yes, I have. (+)

No, I haven’t. (-)

Where has he\ she been to?

  • Has he \ she V3 …….?

  • Has ………… visited the …..(library)?

    gone to

Yes, he \ she has. (+)

No, he \she hasn’t. (-)

Home task

  • SB p.25 - learn the prepositions by heart,

  • AB p. 59 Ex.1,2 - make up questions

Fill in your blanks and count your score.

  • Фамилия, имя ____________________________________ 

  • Посчитай свои баллы и поставь себе отметку:

  • 14-15 баллов – «5»

  • 10-13 баллов – «4»

  • 9-7 баллов – «3»

  • Напиши, что понравилось тебе на уроке_______________________________

  • Напиши, что не понравилось тебе на уроке____________________________

  • Напиши, что было для тебя сложным _______________________________

Thank you for your work!

  • Our lesson is over. Goodbye!

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