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10 25 years of d france
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10-25 years of DØ France. Hugh Montgomery Jefferson Laboratory LPNHE Universite Paris 6 et 7 October 14, 2008. To our hosts. Pascal Debu and everyone at the LPNHE Thank you. The Organisers.

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10-25 years of DØ France

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10 25 years of d france

10-25 years of DØ France

Hugh Montgomery

Jefferson Laboratory

LPNHE Universite Paris 6 et 7

October 14, 2008

To our hosts

To our hosts

Pascal Debu

and everyone at the LPNHE

Thank you

The organisers

The Organisers

Greg Bernardi, Marc Besancon, Arnaud Duperrin, Phillipe Gay, Pierre Petroff, Isabelle Ripp-Baudot, Gerard Sajot, Patrick Verdier

Thank you

To the speakers

To The Speakers

Etienne Auge, Frederique Badaud, Ursula Bassler, John Campbell, Marcela Carena, Dima Denisov, Frederic Deliot, Arnaud DuPerrin, Albert DeRoeck, Jos Engelen, Paul Grannis, Sebastian Greder, Jean-Francois Grivaz, Beate Heinemann, Matt Herndon, Karl Jakobs, Eric Kajfasz, Patrice Lebrun, Arnaud Lucotte, Bruno Mansoulie, Klaus Moenig, Christophe Royon, Yves Sirois, Jan Stark, Boris Tuchming, Patrice Verdier, Harry Weerts, John Womersley, Darien Wood, Terry Wyatt

Especially to the non-DØ people

Thank you

Fermilab antiprotons

Fermilab Antiprotons

Cdf the competition

CDF - The Competition

10 25 years of d france

polypropelene foils

Xe/CH4 conversion gap

Transition Radiation Detector, ret.

TRD inside CDC

X-ray converter and charge collection chamber

Flash ADC time distribution of TRD response to electrons & pions (CERN test beam). Pion rejection > 50:1

Charge clusters from converted X rays drifted to anode wires

Transition radiation detector

Transition Radiation Detector

The Scarlet Pimpernel, I failed to find a figure until I collected Paul’s Talk yesterday!!!

In Pluquet’s Thesis on the web the figures do not survive into .pdf.


TRD played a major role in the “weeks of top”

and for my association with it, the LHCC declared me a TRD expert and had me give an internal briefing as a precursor to the discussion of the Atlas TRT.

Tevatron run i and top



Tevatron Run I and Top

Dec 94

Aug 93

Yagil – Top Turns Ten

10 25 years of d france

DØ Author List

Abachi to Zylberstejn

Thanks to all

(Grannis), Hadley – Top Turns Ten

Saclay participation in top paper

Saclay Participation in Top Paper

  • J. Alitti,

  • L. Chevalier,

  • Y. Ducros,

  • J.F. Glicenstein,

  • J-F. Lebrat,

  • B. Mansoulie,

  • A. Pluquet,

  • J. Teiger,

  • A. Zylberstejn

Run ii participation saclay and in2p3

Run II Participation: Saclay and IN2P3

“ Apres moi c’est le deluge!!!”

a dit Armand

(ou Louis XV ou Mme de Pompadour)

Bernardi, Bassler, Petroff, Kajfasz, Sajot, …

Clermont Ferrand, Grenoble, Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Orsay, CEA-Saclay, Strasbourg

Run ii the calorimeter

Run II: The Calorimeter

  • The heart of DØ needed help

  • Electronics

  • Calibration system

  • Purity Control

  • ….. Lafayette a l’aide des EtatsUniscontre les Anglais!?

  • Silicon, and much more



Qcd inclusive jet production

QCD: Inclusive Jet Production

Physics of the b s meson

Physics of the Bs Meson

  • Introduction

  • The Bs Meson

  • More Bs Mesons

  • Lifetimes and 

  • Direct CP Violation

  • Bs Oscillations

  • CP Violation in BsJ/

  • Conclusions

W b j y w j y l k m m p p k

Wb- -> J/Y W- -> J/Y L K- -> (m+ m-)(pp-)K-

10 25 years of d france

Searches for New Phenomena

Searches for new particles predicted by many beyond the SM theories:

Leptoquarks – generations 1 and 2 (lljj, lnjj) and combined 1,2,3 (nnjj)

Susy – squark/gluino in MET+jets, lepton + jets

Wino/Zino trileptons, dileptons

top squarks

bottom squarks

GMSB gauginos

GMSB photons

R-parity violating couplings

Right-handed W

Heavy W,Z

4th generation b-quark

Leptophobic Higgs

Large extra dimensions (di-EM, monojets)

Anomalous trilinear couplings

Magnetic monopoles

Model independent searches (SLEUTH)

Excellent Run 1 MET resolution key for many searches.

Nothing Found!

New phenomena

New Phenomena

  • Nothing So Far!!!!!

  • But SUSY is running out of places to hide

  • Technicolor has not undergone resurrection

  • The extra dimensions are really rolled up tightly

Vector boson production

Vector Boson Production

Summary of the top quark mass measurements

Summary of the Top Quark Mass Measurements

( 1.2 GeV)

M/M = 0.7%

F. Déliot, D0-France 13-OCT-2008

Electroweak fits

Electroweak Fits


Higgs particle cdf d combined

Higgs Particle – CDF & DØCombined

Tevatron luminosity

Tevatron Luminosity

Efficient operations a d hallmark

Efficient Operations: A DØ Hallmark

Lhc a new era to come

LHC: A new era to come?

  • We all look forward to the operation of the LHC with collisions at multi-TeV energies

  • The cross-sections for known high-mass processes such as top production will increase by a factor of ten from the TeVatron.

  • The experiments are superbly equipped in this region and higher.

  • The challenge is the low mass; if the Higgs is very light, finding it will be a challenge, anywhere



The decision by the Saclay and IN2P3 groups to participate in DØ for run II appears, in retrospect, to have been the precursor to an explosion of participation from Europe in both CDF and DØ at the Tevatron.

It was of great importance for DØ ( and German, UK, other European participation in the Tevatron program)

It led to great physics.

Nous ne regrettons rien

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