Wednesday march 5
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Wednesday, march 5 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wednesday, march 5. The Book Thief Pages 336-350. Do Now. Writing all that you know, please write 5-7 sentences in the “What I know” portion of your CW sheet Examine the effects of the tragedies on Jewish families during WWII and the Holocaust

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Wednesday, march 5

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Wednesday, march 5

The Book Thief

Pages 336-350

Do Now

  • Writing all that you know, please write 5-7 sentences in the “What I know” portion of your CW sheet

    • Examine the effects of the tragedies on Jewish families during WWII and the Holocaust

    • Use AT LEAST one direct quote from the book to help you understand what you know!

Graded discussion

  • Using your Chromebook, please log onto the wiki

  • You are going to go through the PPT and have a graded discussion

  • You will have 10 minutes to, as a group, go through the PPT and take notes about what you have learned

  • You will then have 15 minutes to have your graded discussion

  • For the slides that have links, please go on the links and watch the videos! Make sure your volume is on!

World War II: 1942

Death’s Travels

Prior to 1942…

  • The National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP), or Nazi Party for short, was gaining popularity among the German people left without jobs after World War I.

  • A young, charismatic leader, Adolph Hitler ran for chancellor of Germany and won.

  • His passion for promoting German nationalism spread. He ordered the military to take over surrounding countries in hopes to increase the size and power of Germany.

WWII: Where the fighting took place

  • German and Italian fought against French, Russian, British and American armies.

  • Most battles occurred in Germany and France, with a second “front” forming along the Russian border


Effects on Civilians

  • Similar to the Hubermanns, people in multiple countries practiced for air raids by gathering in underground shelters.

  • As supplies became more scarce, governments limited the amounts people could buy in a process called rationing. These women are waiting to pick up their rations.

“Soaked bodies of a French Coast”

  • Known in as D-Day, the seize of the beach at Normandy was a first move by the American and British Armies to push Hitler’s army back toward Germany, out of France


Bombing of Cologne

  • The first notable bombing performed by Allied forces on German targets

  • Done to break down the German confidence

Parisians, 1942

  • In 1942, Germany took total control of France

  • Beginning that summer, German soldiers began to round up all of the French Jews and place them in camps, burning them after the gas chamber


The Eastern Front - Russia

  • Germany fought both in France and in Russia. Due the bitter cold, soldiers were often underprepared, which resulted in more deaths outside of battle.


In Class Reading

  • With your shoulder partner, you are going to read pages 336-346

  • Complete the CWHW sheet (or as much as you can!)

    • Whatever you don’t finish will need to be completed for HW

Exit Ticket

  • “Just past the rubble of Cologne, a group of kids collected empty fuel containers, dropped by their enemies. As usual, I collected humans. I was tired. And the year wasn’t even halfway over yet” (338)

    • What event is this quote referencing and why is it significant?

    • “On June 23, 1942, there was a group of French Jews in a German prison, on Polish soil. The first person I took was close to the door, his mind racing, then reduced to pacing, then slowing down, slowing down…”

      • Where is this quote taking place?

      • What did you learn in today’s graded discussion that you can connect to this quote?

      • Why is this significant to the novel and its plot?


  • Finish reading to page 350

  • Complete CWHW sheet

  • Bring in ONE study tool for the quiz tomorrow

    • You SHOULD be making one study tool for the vocabulary and then another study tool for the textual analysis

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