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Daniela Field & Nikki Juraszek

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Daniela field nikki juraszek

Bullfrog Sunscreen

Daniela Field & Nikki Juraszek

Table of contents



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Table of Contents

Executive summary

Executive Summary

  • Purpose:

    • Promote Bull Frog sun block to men and women who spend time in the sun, especially while performing outdoor activities.

  • Objective:

    • The marketing objectives of this media plan are to increase awareness among consumers and build better consumer loyalty, while increasing sales to $26.8 million dollars (an 8% increase within the next two years.

  • Target Market:

    • Adults ages 18-34.

    • There is not a narrow segment definition because sun screen products are used by all individuals regardless of their occupation, education, or income.

  • Media Plan:

    • Concentrate on intense advertising towards are target market during the months of May, June, and July, with a particular emphasis on the month of July.

    • Utilize opportunities for promotions and advertisements throughout the ski/winter seasons, December to March.

  • Budget

    • The budget allowed for $2.5 million.

    • $85,000 was set aside for promotions and social/viral/nontraditional media

  • Location/ Where are we advertising?

    • Dallas/Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Orlando, and San Francisco

  • Brand analysis

    Brand Analysis

    • Brand Overview:

      • Bullfrog is known as the first brand of sun-block that provides all- day waterproof protection.

      • Bullfrog sun-block was acquired in 1985 by Chattem Inc. from Oceanside labs. The acquisition by Sandi- Aventis allows for possible access to more money. They manufacture and market an array of brand name pharmaceuticals, toiletries, and cosmetics.

      • Prices vary from $6 dollars to $12 dollars, and their line of products carries six different categories of sunscreen options.

    • Distribution:

      • Bullfrog is sold in most large retailers- food, drug, and mass merchandise stores. From Walgreens convenience stores to Kroger grocery stores, the product can be found nationwide

    • Category and Brand Sales:

      • Bullfrog sales gross 24.8 million last year

      • Category sales are close to $425 million

      • Annual ad spending for this category amounts to $48 million

      • The sun protection and sunless tanning market has increased by nearly 50% since 2005. is worth $701 million in 2010. A focus on “ultra” and “sport” protection, including SPF protection levels of 100+, has driven an increase of $77 million from 2009 to 2010.

    Marketing objectives

    Marketing Objectives

    Grow sales to $26.8 million dollars with an 8% increase within the next two years

    • It is also important to recognize the importance of brand awareness. In doing so, BullFrog should look to increase the awareness of consumers and build better consumer loyalty .

    Competitive considerations

    Competitive Considerations

    • Bullfrog has four main competitors. The top two are companies with very large ad budgets, well-known brand names, and high consumer loyalty.

    • The competition’s brands have higher total sales than Bullfrog in almost all categories, including our choice for target market for individuals 18-35.

    • Market share for Bullfrog sunscreen is only 5.84%.

    • Secondary competitors are recognized for their budgets as well as their market shares.

      • Primary:

        • Neutrogena

          • 52.90% Sole Users of Brand

        • Coppertone

          • 62.90% Sole Users of Brand

      • Secondary:

        • Hawaiian Tropic

        • Banana Boat

    Competitive considerations1

    Competitive Considerations

    Daniela field nikki juraszek

    Target AudienceAdults ages 18-34Consumer research finds that women are much more likely to use sun care products than men , however, BullFrog is being marketed as an all around sport sun block and can target both males and females.

    Number of total users of the brand that fall between the ages of 18-35 is considerably lower than that of the competitors.

    • The sunscreen market consists of younger individuals who are more likely to spend time outdoors.

      • Young adults ages 18-24 are also less likely to buy sunscreen because they want to tan. Convincing these consumers is key strategy for sun protection companies.

      • Usage of all sun care products peaks when females are in their mid 30s.

    • Building a relationship now can lead to success in the future, keeping the group as loyal life-time users if Bullfrog starts focusing on a younger demographic

    • Sun protection products are becoming multi faceted with countless options of products. In addition, anti-aging has become the “war cry” in the personal care market, making the benefit relevant to younger and younger women and men.

    Geographical information

    Geographical Information

    Top markets were chosen with regards to total population, high levels of sunscreen sales, as well as estimated square miles of water in each DMA. The following information is ranked by total sun block sales.

    Timing and purchase cycle

    Timing and Purchase Cycle

    • The most advertising dollars are spent during the months of May June and July. 

      • During the months of April and July, 92% of advertising dollars are spent focusing on sun block products. 

      • July is when the most media buys occur for sun block products due to the relationship of higher outdoor activities and sun exposure.

    • Opportunities for advertising and promotion of sun block products occur most between the months of December through March.

      • During these months families, as well as general consumers, are taking vacations, including those to beaches and ski slopes. There is great potential for them to be exposed to extreme sun conditions throughout this period of time.

    The media mix

    The Media Mix

    • The most traditional media vehicles used to promote and advertise sun block products are television and print media. These are proven to be the most effective vehicles in terms of reaching the most consumers.

    • The goal of the company should be to dominate the channels you advertise in, even if it is only through a single medium. Spreading the advertising too thin can expose the franchise to erosion from competitors.

    • Through various outlets, especially sponsorships and social media, Bullfrog can attract fans and build higher brand usage and loyalty.

    Total Money Spent in Traditional Media

    (Dollars- 000)

    Daniela field nikki juraszek


    • Strengths

      • Supplies both UVA and UVB radiation protection

      • First brand to offer all day waterproof sun defense

      • Contains comforting Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

      • Not known as a “beach-only” sunscreen, promoted as athletic. Waterproof protection is used for all outdoor activities, not just swimming.

      • Unique and memorable brand name

    • Opportunities

      • Advertising in the winter months as a go- to sport sun block.

      • New research showing the benefits of using sunscreen versus tanning. Negative impacts of sun are well-known and skin care is crucial when exposed to high levels of sun.

      • Potential for future advantages with financial resources due to acquisition of Chattem Inc. by Sanofi-Aventis

      • Bullfrog is not just for the everyday individual. It is targeted to those constantly outside partaking in physical activities. Bullfrog can increase sales by targeting outdoor enthusiast and become an all-purpose sun screen for athletes.

    • Weaknesses

      • Lack of brand loyalty

      • Lack of USP

      • Lack of brand recognition

      • Low market share

      • Low advertising budget

    • Threats

      • High brand loyalty of competitors

      • High brand recognition of competitors

      • Competitors work with a larger advertising budget

      • Product use is relatively low compared to competitors in terms of use per customer

    Creative strategy the creative brief

    Creative Strategy:The Creative Brief

    • Why are we advertising?

      • Chattem Inc. is the current holding company of BullFrog. Chattem Inc. was acquired by Sandi-Aventis giving the brand possible access to more money. Because the market for sunscreen products is so competitive, our main goal is to set ourselves apart with our promise of all-day waterproof protection. It is important to break into this market by positioning ourselves as the go to sport sun block. The market for the “outdoorsy” individual is a great way to position our brand.

  • Whom are we talking to?

    • Our target market is adults ages 18-34. Sun block products are something that can be marketed to people in any demographic. We want to focus more on the lifestyle these individuals have rather than how much money they make or what job they have. There is great opportunity with this target audience because we can build brand loyalty at a younger age, therefore keep them as loyal customers in the future.

  • What do they currently think?/What do we want them to think?

    • Unfortunately, the brand awareness for sunscreen products is low, especially for the BullFrog brand. BullFrog is a unique brand and we want our audience to recognize us as “sporty”. Our brand is perfect for any person who spends their time outside, whether it is fishing or rock climbing. BullFrog’s infusion of aloe and vitamin E are important features that individuals need to know especially someone who spends a lot of time in contact with the sun. Sun care products are very important today due to the rising awareness of skin cancer and other consequences of high sun exposure. We want people who are outdoorsy and athletic to know Bullfrog is the ultimate sun product for their adventurous life.

  • Who is our competition?

    • Four brands Bullfrog competes against are Neutrogena, Coppertone, Banana Boat, and Hawaiian Tropic. These brands have a high market share and high levels or brand loyalty. They also have larger advertising budget that enables them to run more ads in more mediums. Bullfrog lacks the brand recognition the competition has among sunscreen users.

  • The single most important thing about Bullfrog : The Bullfrog brand is unique and can appeal to a wide range of athletes and outdoor enthusiast.

    Media objectives strategies

    Media Objectives & Strategies

    • Target Audience

      • Adults ages 18-35

      • We chose to avoid a narrow segment definition because sun care products are important for all individuals regardless of their income, education, and occupation.

        • Woman in their mid thirties tend to stop using sun care products

        • Older individuals in their forties or older are less likely to purchase sun care products

        • With a high awareness for sun exposure issues, this target market pays closer attention to their health. They have more time to spend doing outdoor activities and are more likely to spend time outdoors on a regular basis .

    • Media Mix

      • Taking advantage of print media, combinations of interactive/non traditional, as well as promotional sponsorship media activities will benefit Bullfrog products by adding new and uncharted ways to advertise for the brand. Higher levels of interactive media, or non-traditional forms of media will play an important role in developing a greater brand awareness for Bullfrog.

      • Non-traditional/Viral/Social

        • Online social media will be used to promote Auquapalooza events we sponsor. Facebook and other social media will play a large role in supporting the Bullfrog fan base. People can follow Bullfrog on Twitter for special promotions and other offers.

      • Magazines

        • High circulation female and male interest magazines such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Endless Vacation, Outdoor World, etc.

    Media objectives strategies1

    Media Objectives & Strategies

    • Reach and Frequency: Because the product has been on the market for about 20 years and there are high levels of competition, it is important to focus on running ads that target frequency rather than reach. Ads need to remind consumers about the product and work on getting more exposure as a brand.

      • The ideal goal for our national media plan would be to reach 50% of the target market with a 2+exposure frequency during the months of December- March, and May-June. During July, when advertising is heavier, our goal is to reach 60% of the target market with a 3+ exposure frequency.

      • The goal for our spot media plan would be to reach 60% of the target market with a 3+ exposure frequency during the months of December-March, and May-June. During July, when advertising is heavier, our goal is to reach 70% of the target market with a 4+ exposure frequency.

      • The average reach of our campaign was 24.5% with an average frequency of 1.2 per ad. The expected goals were not met, because with such a limited budget it is very difficult to produce such specific reach and frequency goals.

      • The target markets and DMAs selected make up 13.4% of the US population.

    • GRPs

      • The campaign mainly focuses on the percentage of consumers being reached and the frequency that they are exposed to,

      • The GRPs were equal to 30.

    • Scheduling and Timing

      • The schedule for promotions and advertising would follow a flighting schedule with a break in April, and another break from September through November.

      • The flighting schedule will allow for a heavy advertising emphasis during the months of May through July when it is the prime traveling season, with the most intense sun exposure.

    Budget allocation

    Budget Allocation

    • The budget allowed for the BullFrog Sun block campaign is $2.5 million with $85,000 set aside for promotions and social/viral/nontraditional media.

      • This budget is small compared to the other leading sunscreen brands, based on their percentage of sales and competitive parity.

      • The budget we have set aside for the promotional plan is $50,000, which will be used to sponsor Aquapalooza events in the six DMAs of our campaign. The plan will be to purchase BullFrog ads on the main stage and provide company boats to be placed in the boat areas we buy as well.

    • Geography

      • The campaign is a national plan with emphasis on spot media.

      • The geographical plan reaches six DMAs for the selected target audiences.

      • Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas/Ft Worth, Minneapolis, Miami, and Orlando. Together the target markets in these geographic areas make up 13.4% of the total US population.

    • Sales Promotions

      • Another potential promotional strategy would be to sponsor “Aquapalooza”, which is an on-the-water music festival, and large-scale event’s sponsor, Sea Ray Boats, promotes it as “The World’s Largest Boat Party”.  The huge gathering features live entertainment, water-related games, contests, and giveaways.  In picturesque fashion, flotillas of boats, tubes and all form of watercraft “raft up” with each other to watch performances broadcast over giant sound systems and video monitors.

      • Cost of boat sponsorships- Starting at $75 per boat. You will be allowed to anchor your boat on the first three rows. (Companies must supply their own boats with ads)

      • Platinum and Gold level Sponsorships- Starting at $1,000 your company can buy advertisements around the venue and even on the stage.



    In order to measure the achievements of Bullfrog as a brand we must find out if there was an observable increase in sales, and also create ways to measure brand awareness. When beginning the campaign, Bullfrog must set prior plans to evaluate sales after the first year so that they will be effective in determining the increase in sales as a whole at the end of the goal period. This is a good plan, because with our goal being to increase sales over a two-year period, a mid-evaluation will help decide if our campaign strategies are effectively working. This will allow us to make necessary changes if needed. One potential measurement would be to utilize TNS Strategy reports. This type of report is useful for our brand by allowing us to monitor sales across many different stores and venues. These reports would not only be successful at providing sales information about BullFrog, but they would also make our competitors sales performance available, and this would directly allow our company to identify where we stood as a brand compared to our competitors. If BullFrog wants to measure its success effectively we must evaluate our brands awareness by finding out if there has been an increase since the campaign was launched. One way our company can generate a better understanding of how we are being perceived in the minds of consumers is by issuing online surveys through email or our brands web-page. An example of a question the surveys will include are asking customers to “have you used a Bullfrog product in the last month?” This question will allow our brand to determine if consumers recognize/use us. Another way our company could determine brand awareness is by measuring the number of visitors on our webpage by calculating if an increase in web-traffic has occurred. This strategy will help our company examine if new consumers are visiting our website, which will indicate an increase in brand awareness. An additional online tactic would be to keep track of how many consumers clicked on our brands display and banner ads that are displayed in the margins of other popular websites, like Youtube.com. Over a period of time this method will conclude if there has been an increase or decrease in the number of consumers interested in the ads linked to our web page, by allowing us to determine if the ads are successful at creating brand awareness. Finally, our company has planned to create a fan page through the use of Facebook, where consumers will have the option to become a “fan” of our brand, which will then be displayed on their own personal Facebook page. This strategy is growing and being used by many companies to determine how many “fans” they have as a brand, and as a result over time, they are able to observe any increases and decreases in their fan base since the fan page launched.



    Daniela field nikki juraszek


    ReachAvg FreqGRPS$(000)















    National Contingency $(000): 0

    Spot Contingency $(000): 0

    Daniela field nikki juraszek


    Target Demo: All Adults ages 18-34 Natl Univ (000):67222 Spot Univ (000):9846

    MediumCovg.UnitGRPsCPPCPMTotal Cost

    Net TV-PrimeNATL:1512299634.2122996

    Net TV-SportsNATL:1562023930.11121434

    Net Radio-Morning DriveNATL:30634105.0720460

    Net Radio-DaytimeNATL:30229604.45920


    Internet-Trgtd SitesNATLBanner22365035.1847300

    National Totals191396920.78265410

    Spot TV-DaytimeSPOT:156216321.9712978

    Spot TV-PrimeSPOT:152589759.8911794

    Spot Radio-DaytimeSPOT:304229623.329184

    Spot Totals12283028.7433956

    Total Plan20.757638871442221.45299366

    "Note: CPM based on media that contribute both cost and GRPs; For Total Plan, Spot GRPs are weighted to %US coverage before

    Daniela field nikki juraszek


    Target Demo: All Adults ages 18-34

    Natl Univ (000):67222 Spot Univ (000):9846

    MediumCovg.UnitGRPsCPPCPMTotal Cost

    Net TV-DaytimeNATL:1511947328.9719473

    Net TV-SportsNATL:1562023930.11121434

    Net Cable-PrimeNATL:1511426621.2214266

    Net Radio-Morning DriveNATL:30634105.0720460

    Net Radio-DaytimeNATL:30629604.417760

    Net Radio-Evening DriveNATL:30626583.9515948

    Magazines-MensNATLFPG 4C12803141.728031

    Magazines-WomensNATLFPG 4C12341034.8223410

    National Totals28931413.86260782

    Spot TV-DaytimeSPOT:156216321.9712978

    Spot TV-PrimeSPOT:156589759.8935382

    Spot Radio-Morning DriveSPOT:306196319.9411778

    Spot Radio-DaytimeSPOT:306229623.3213776

    Spot Radio-Evening DriveSPOT:306251225.5115072

    Spot Totals30296630.1388986

    Total Plan32.394097171079716.06349768

    "Note: CPM based on media that contribute both cost and GRPs; For Total Plan, Spot GRPs are weighted to %US coverage before

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