Soil testing service for construction
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Soil Investigation Agencies in Chennai - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Soil is the main resource when comes to infrastructure, which serves as a base. Testing the sand is important for the safety and stability of construction projects.

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Soil Investigation Agencies in Chennai

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Soil Testing Service for Construction

Soil – Main Resource for Infrastructure!

  • Soil is the main resource when comes to infrastructure, which serves as a base. Testing the sand is important for the safety and stability of construction projects.

Soil Verification

  • Verifying the soil or having a detailed study about it allows building to stay strong and to avoid soil settling.

  • Compaction tests can be done to either examine the density of the soil or manually probing the soil. Sand probing tests must be done when the soil is dry. Wet clay gives an inaccurate measurement of the degree of soil compaction.

Soil testing services

  • Soil testing services are the most essential way of finding sand status before construction. Soil testing for construction, field density testing would be amongst the most common.

Fields dry density

  • Fields dry density is usually compared with a laboratory compaction test of the same soil type to produce a ration between field and laboratory compaction.

  • Compaction testing as carried out in a soil testing laboratory is done to determine the maximum dry density.

Soil test Procedures

  • Geotechnical engineers have a clear understanding with soil-structure interaction. Soil test for construction is an important step taken by the geo technologist or the soil engineers.

  • They investigate areas proposed for development, analyze site and subsurface conditions and make recommendations for septic systems, grading, earth support, drainage, foundation design, concrete slab on grade construction, and site remediation.

soil analysis

  • Soil testing or soil analysis is essential for building permits. Soil test for construction taken by the engineers may need to make further soil tests to make sure of the subsurface of soil conditions.

  • Initial investigation measure is necessarily required for soil testing.

Field inspection

  • Field inspection of the project site is essential. Determination on the need for soils testing should be made during the project initiation phase of project development.

  • The quantity of one sample must be sufficient for the analysis selected. The lab which will do the testing will dictate the exact amount of soil required for the tests specified.

  • Giving proper consideration on the soil type in specific to your building site ensures stability to your foundation. Unstable or unsuitable soil will need stabilization before construction.

  • A drill rig and other equipment are used to collect information and samples at various levels on the site. Samples are taken to the laboratory for testing. A detailed report summary of data is been prepared which helps the engineers to move further with the construction process.

  • Foundation is vital to the integrity of very structure being the interface with the soil or the rock below. Soil has a variety of properties which can vary from place to place.

soil investigation agencies

  • Handing over the land to a soil investigation agencies is one of the best ways in knowing the exact results. In such case Velciti is one among the best soil investigation agencies in Chennai. It offers a wide range of services right from planning to execution of projects of any value.

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