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Introduction to argument
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Introduction to Argument. College Composition II. Six Parts of a Persuasive Argument. Exordium Narratio Propositio Partitio Confimatio Peroratio. Rhetorical Triangle. Message Logos Writer/Speaker Ethos Audience Pathos. Three Appeals of Logic. Logos Seatbelt Ad I Ethos

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Introduction to Argument

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Introduction to argument

Introduction to Argument

College Composition II

Six parts of a persuasive argument

Six Parts of a Persuasive Argument

  • Exordium

  • Narratio

  • Propositio

  • Partitio

  • Confimatio

  • Peroratio

Rhetorical triangle

Rhetorical Triangle

  • Message

    • Logos

  • Writer/Speaker

    • Ethos

  • Audience

    • Pathos

Three appeals of logic

Three Appeals of Logic

  • Logos

    • Seatbelt Ad I

  • Ethos

    • Seatbelt Ad II

  • Pathos

    • Seatbelt Ad III

Argumentative questions

Argumentative Questions

  • Issue Questions

  • Information Questions

  • Exercises 48-49

Argument authenticity

Argument Authenticity

  • Genuine Argument

    • Reasonable Participants

    • Shareable Assumptions

  • Pseudo-Argument

    • Fanatical Believers/Skeptics

    • Lack of Shared Assumptions

Frame of argument

Frame of Argument

  • Claim

    • Reason


Underlying Assumption/




Claim features

Claim Features

  • Possible Answer to Question

  • Open Language/ Avoids Closed Language

  • Not a Quote or Someone Else’s Idea

  • Acts as the “Topic Sentence” to main points of your argument

  • Avoids “I believe/think/feel”…

Claim argument practice

Claim Argument Practice

  • Claim: Bacon-eaters should switch to turkey-bacon Reasons: BECAUSE turkey bacon is healthier.


Evidence comparing bacon to turkey bacon in key health factors including cholesterol, fat, and sodium.


People want to be healthy.


Health problems can affect one’s lifestyle; health problems can affect one’s relationships; health problems can be costly

Claim argument practice1

Claim Argument Practice

  • Claim: Legal punishments for those who violate the seatbelt law should be increased

    • Reasons: BECAUSE higher punishments increase compliance.


People do not like strict punishments.


Information on current punishments that will suggest they are low

Evidence higher punishments = compliance


Strict punishments can be costly, can affect record, etc.

Claim argument practice2

Claim Argument Practice

  • Claim: Smokers should not be eligible for a lung transplant

    • Reasons: BECAUSE

Warrants/Shard Assumption



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