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Formulating an hypothesis
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Formulating An Hypothesis. If …… IV ……… then, …… DV …. Write down the IV (independent variable) and the DV (dependent variable). Then write a hypothesis in an If…… then format. Hypothesis- Review. A hypothesis is an _____________. Educated guess. Independent Variable - Review.

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Formulating An Hypothesis

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Formulating an hypothesis

Formulating An Hypothesis

If ……IV……… then, ……DV…

Formulating an hypothesis

Write down the IV (independent variable) and the DV (dependent variable).Then write a hypothesis in an If…… then format.

Hypothesis review

Hypothesis- Review

A hypothesis is an _____________.

Educated guess

Independent variable review

Independent Variable - Review

The independent variable is the variable that is manipulated or C________ on purposed.



Dependent variable review

Dependent Variable- Review

The dependent variable is the r________ variable. The dependent variable can be m________.




Formulating an hypothesis

Scenario: Chocolate may cause a sick stomach.

IV : ___________________________

DV: __________________________



TESTABLE HYPOTHESIS: IF I eat 20 pieces of chocolateTHENit will cause my stomach to feel sick!

Formulating an hypothesis

Scenario:Salt in soil may affect plant growth.

IV : ___________________________

DV: __________________________



TESTABLE HYPOTHESIS: IF I mix 20 grams of salt in soil, THENmy plant will grow two centimeters higher than normal.

Formulating an hypothesis

Lots of milk

Scenario: Teens may grow more if they drink lots of milk.

IV : ___________________________

DV: __________________________

Teens may grow more

TESTABLE HYPOTHESIS: IF my 16 year old sister drinks milk everyday for 2 years THENshe will grow 2 more inches!

Formulating an hypothesis

Activity Time!!!

Show me what you have learned!

Let’s formulate some hypotheses!

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