fungsi manajemen sumber daya manusia pertemuan ke 4
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FUNGSI MANAJEMEN SUMBER DAYA MANUSIA ( Pertemuan ke 4) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FUNGSI MANAJEMEN SUMBER DAYA MANUSIA ( Pertemuan ke 4). Peranan SDM dalam Organisasi.

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peranan sdm dalam organisasi
Peranan SDM dalamOrganisasi
  • Terminologisdmmerujukkpdorang-orangdlmorganisasi. Ketikaparamanajerterlibatdlmkegiatansdmsbgbagiandaripekerjaannya, merekamencobamemfasilitasiorang-orangutkmewujudkanperencanaandanstrategiorganisasi. Orang-orang (sdm) yang

merupakanelemenumumdlmsetiaporganisasi; merekamenciptastrategidaninovasiutkkemasyhuranorganisasi. Patutmenjadiperhatianthdsebuah slogan dari Union Carbide: “Assets make things possible, people make things happen”.Asetdptmembuatsesuatukemungkinan; sedangkanorangdapatmembuatsesuatuituterjadi / terwujud.

definisi msdm
Definisi MSDM

The major functions of a HRM / Departement include, staffing, performance evaluations, compensation and benefits, training and development, employee relations, safety and health, and personnel research (Cherrington 1995:11).Staffing/employment includes: HR planning,recruitment & selection.

HRM is the function performed in organizations that facilitates the most effective use of people (employees) to achieve organizational and individual goals (Ivancevich 2001:4). HRM consist of numerous functions / activities, including:1.EEO compliance (memenuhi) . 2.Job Analysis. 3.HR planning. 4.Recruitment,Selection,Motivation & Orientation. 5.Performance evaluation & compensation. 6.Training & Development. 7.Labor relations. 8.Safety, health & wellness.

  • HRM: a process consisting of the inception, development, motivation, and maintenance of human resources (de Cenzo & Robbins 1994:30). Inception is the function of HRM concerned with getting individuals into the organization,includes of recruiting and selecting employees,and orienting them to the company.
  • HRM refers to the policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance (Noe 2000:4). HRM practices: HR planning, recruiting, selection, training & development, compensation, performance management, employee relations.
fungsi fungsi dan aktivitas msdm
Fungsi-FungsidanAktivitas MSDM

Secarafungsional MSDM memilikibeberapafungsidimanafungsi-

fungsitersebutterkaitsatudenganlainnya, danaktivitas yang dijalan

kan MSDM sesuaidenganfungsi yang dimilikinya, dengantujuanpe-

ningkatkanproduktivitas, kualitaskehidupankerja, danpelayanan.

tujuan dari fungsi msdm
TujuandariFungsi MSDM
  • Helping the organization reach its goals.
  • Employing the skills and abilities of the workforce efficiently.
  • Providing the organization with well-trained and well-motivated employees
  • Increasing to the fullest the employee’s job satisfaction and self-

actualization. Developing and maintaining a quality of work life that makes employment in the organization desirable.

  • Communicating HRM policies to all employees.
  • Helping to maintain ethical policies and socially responsible behaviour.
  • Managing change to the mutual advantage of individuals, groups, the

enterprise, and the public.


Beberapapendapatmengenaifungsi-fungsi MSDM:

  • Edwin B. Flippo Dale Yoder

1. Planning 1. Staffing

2. Organizing - Recruitment

3. Directing - Selection

4. Controlling - Promotion

5. Procurement - Placement

6. Development 2. Employee, Development, and Training

7. Compensation 3. Labour Relation

8. Integration 4. Wage and Salary Administration

9. Maintainance 5. Employee, Benefit and Service

10. Separation 6. Research including the meritment of


  • ManullangMalayu SP Hasibuan

1. Precuring 1. Perencanaan

- Membuatanggarankerjabagi Perusahaan 2. Pengorganisasian

- Membuat job analysis, job description, dan 3. Pengarahan

job specification. 4. Pengendalian

- Menentukandanmenghubungisumber- 5. Pengadaan

sumbertenagakerja 6. Pengembangan

- Mengadakanseleksi 7. Kompensasi

2. Developing 8. Pengintegrasian

- Melatihdanmendidikpegawai 9. Pemeliharaan

- Mempromosikandanmemindahkanpegawai 10. Kedisiplinan

- Mengadakanpenilaiankecakapan 11. Pemberhentian

3. Maintainancing

- Menguruspemberhentian

- Menguruspensiun

- Menguruskesejahteraankaryawantermasuk

pembayaranupah , pemindahan, dll

- Motivasi

karakteristik msdm tradisional dan msdm stratejik
Karakteristik MSDM Tradisionaldan MSDM Stratejik

Traditional HRMStrategic HRM

Responsibility for human resources Specialist Line managers

and management

Objective Better performance Improved understanding and strategic use of human assets

Role of HRM area Respond to needs Lead, inspire, understand

Time focus Short-term results Short.intermediate, long-term

Control Rules, policies, position power Flexible, based on human resources

Culture Bureaucratic, top-down, centralization Open, participative, empowerment

Major emphasis Following the rules Developing people

Accountability Cost centers Investment in human assets