Bnsc agency report
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BNSC Agency Report. to WGISS22 Annapolis, September 2006. Wyn Cudlip BNSC/QinetiQ Current Instruments ATSR2 on ERS-2 AATSR on Envisat

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BNSC Agency Report

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Bnsc agency report

BNSC Agency Report



Annapolis, September 2006

Wyn Cudlip


Bnsc instruments missions

Current Instruments

ATSR2 on ERS-2

AATSR on Envisat

CHRIS on Proba

Disaster Management Constellation

Small Satellites

TopSat – launched October 2005.

Planned Medium Satellites

TerraSAR L-Band

BNSC Instruments/Missions


Project for On-Board Autonomy

ESA mission (on Indian Launcher in 2000)

Platform technology demonstrator

615 km sun synchronous orbit.

Free ride for:

CHRIS - Compact High-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer

SREM - Radiation measurement sensor

DDEBIE - debris measurement sensor

Wide angle Earth pointing camera

Star tracker and gyroscope



Compact High-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer

operates from 400 nm to 1050 nm

14km swath

63 bands at 36m resolution


18 bands at 18m resolution

Science Team include:

University of Swansea

ESSC, University of Reading

University of Plymouth


Disaster management constellation dmc

Disaster Management Constellation (DMC)

  • 32m res., 600km swath.

  • 5 satellites in orbit; can provide daily coverage

    • UK, Algeria, Turkey, Nigeria, China

  • Surrey Satellite (SSTL) Platform.

Terrasar l band

TerraSAR L-Band

  • Working in tandem with German TerraSAR X-Band

  • X-band: 1-3 m res.; twin polarisation.

  • L-Band: 5m res.; multi-pol

    • (HH, HV, VH, VV).

  • Launch 2007 - 5 year mission

  • 25 Products Feed into InfoTerra

    • to satisfy wide-ranging commercial market place.

  • Possible ESA involvement

Topsat summary

TopSat Summary

  • Optical imagery (at Nadir) with Ground Sampling Distance of

    • 2.8m pan (17 x 17 km)

    • 5.6m multi-spectral (12 x 12 km)

  • Sun-synchronous orbit (686km)

  • Low cost demonstrator (20M$)

  • Launched 27 October

    • All main technical objectives achieved

  • Data download to mobile antenna

Bnsc agency report


TopSat tracking and data reception

2.7m antenna

2 hours set up time

Very rapid downlinking to user – data on ground within 2 minutes of imaging


The trailer towed by a Land Rover, which contains local image processing and visualisation facilities. RAPIDS has already been demonstrated with ERS and SPOT.

Current status

Current Status

  • Launched successfully on a Cosmos rocket 27 October 2005. [07:52 BST]

  • Telemetry received on 1st UK pass

  • Orbit altitude 686km, 1045 LTAN

  • Commissioning complete – all main functionality proven

  • Ops underway – delivering images to users

Atlantic city new jersey

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic city new jersey1

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Central london

Central London

Central london1

Central London

Topsat follow on concepts

TopSat Follow-on Concepts

  • TopSat Plus: Similar resolution to TopSat demonstrator; greater imaging size, capacity, accuracy & greater lifetime

  • TopSat Enhanced: Pushing towards limit of current camera design, and lowering altitude to achieve 1.65m resolution (pan).

  • TopSat One Metre: Aspiration to achieve 1m resolution with low cost spacecraft – subject to developments in lightweight optics and structures

  • Low costs supports constellations to give high timeliness

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