pricing rating module
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Pricing & Rating Module

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Pricing & Rating Module. For Internal Circulation only. Presentation by: Process Engineering Team. Point’s to Remember. Rate Request screen is where agency will apply for SRR. System will create SRR when Rate Request is in Submit Status. Rate request cannot be created through SRR Screen.

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pricing rating module

Pricing & Rating Module

For Internal Circulation only.

Presentation by: Process Engineering Team.

point s to remember
Point’s to Remember..
  • Rate Request screen is where agency will apply for SRR.
  • System will create SRR when Rate Request is in Submit Status.
  • Rate request cannot be created through SRR Screen.
  • Always check the status of rate request. Status is given on the bottom right side of rate request screen.
  • Rate request when saved as pending will not be found under SRR, as SRR’s are auto created by system only after Rate request is Submitted.

SRR: Special Rate Request


Different Status’s and their Definition’s

  • Pending: SRR is NOT submitted for approval and Changes can be done
  • as desired at any given point of time.

2. Submitted: Rate request has been submitted to trade Desk for approval.

3. Filed: When Rate Request is approved or rejected, it will be filed.

4. Open: SRR is in countered status. Any SRR which is countered by trade desk

Will be found in OPEN folder in SRR gate.

Above status’s are found in Rate request screen as well as Special Rate request


how to create rate request
How to create Rate request

From date: Can be saved as Future date. If Saved in pending status. Once submitted cannot be changed.

To date: Can be selected based on users need. However right to increase or decrease the To date lies with trade desk during approval/counter.

Origin: Can be Inland or POL.

Deliver: Can be POD or Final delivery

Customer Profile: Shows How many RR’s have been created for this customer and what is their status.

Customer master: Takes you to CRM module where the customer is created.

Named account: When there is a Named account under that Customer name created in CRM, RR will show all those named accounts. If the Rate request is for either of the Named accounts, then Named account should either be ticked as SH, CN, NF or Forwarder. If Named account is Not applicable the same can be removed.

  • Select the Type of Rate request, they are:
  • Normal: when equipment type is DV or HC 20,’s and 40’s.
  • Reefer: When RR is created for equipment type as Reefer.
  • Special: When RR is created for equipment type as OT, TA, FR.

OOG is selected when RR is for Out of gauge containers. Dimensions have to be given if OOG is selected. Unit is millimeters.

Non Operated Refer: This is to be clicked when reefer container is used as Dry van.

Equipment Type: To be selected from the List.

Eqp.Qty: Tentative number of boxes.

Gr.Wt/Container (MT): Unit is in Metric Ton.

For Normal and Reefer Equipment Type Maximum weight taken is 31 MT’s.

For Special Equipment Type, Maximum Pay load is 41 MT’s.

Commodity selection is Mandatory.

Rate request can be taken for Multiple commodities.

To add Multiple commodities: after clicking add OFR, remove the original commodity and enter new one and go through the same process of charges till adding OFR and saving it.

SOC: Shipper own container. Tick when Rate request is submitted for Shipper owned container.

DG: If rate request is for DG box, then UNO and Class needs to be added.


Remarks can be entered for the reference of Trade desk.

Competition and amount: To be entered for trade desk’s Reference. This list is extracted from Operator table.

Routing is clicked to show on which service is the container planned to go. Rates will show accordingly. Important: Always try to select the priority Route.

If the route is Missing, RR cannot be SAVED. Please contact LRP support Immediately in order to get the routing setup done.


OFR can be added with Subject to or Select ALL IN for charges to be inclusive.

Enter OFR and Click on Add OFR.

VATOS: Value at the time of Shipment.

If this is “Y=YES” then these charges will be extracted in the booking from surcharge master. If the charges are amended manually under Local amount, then VATOS should be selected as “N=NO”.

Note: Currently Booking will by default take VATOS as YES as booking module needs to be enhanced. This shall happen in a very short span of time. Till booking module is enhanced, please do not change the VATOS to NO for OFR and ALL in rate..

Surcharge can be added Manually with the appropriate currency if required.


If ALL IN is selected then below ALL IN Column will show. Tick the charge code in order to treat them as inclusive.

Note: When Charges are treated as ALL IN, then VATOS should be selected as NO for that charge code in order to take

effect in Booking.

Note: Currently Booking will by default take VATOS as YES as booking module needs to be enhanced. This shall

happen in a very short span of time. Till booking module is enhanced, please do not change the VATOS to NO

for OFR and ALL in rate..

As ALL IN is selected, OFR gets Calculated automatically.

how to save multiple ports commodities equipment types
How to Save Multiple ports, Commodities, Equipment types…..

If Rate request needs to be saved for Multiple Ports, Equipments or Commodity types, click on those

Fields and change it as required. Click on routing again and add charges as normal process.

Refer to the screen shot on next page of how would it look after adding multiple ports/Equipment types/Commodities


How to Save Multiple lines…..

Request status: Show as rejected as this is system message when user clicks on submission

Note: Rejected does not mean Line has Rejected your request. This means that Rate request needs to be submitted by clicking on submit button in order to get approval from the trade desk.

Multiple Ports


How to save as pending/Submit Rate request

Pending: rate request is not gone for approval to trade desk and is with you for further amendments, if required. Once RR is saved as pending, then click on RR number and recall through search in order to edit/add more information. In order to save RR for future date, Use Save as function, and get OFR in EDIT mode for each port pair to update the from and to dates.

SRR gate: This request will show as pending in SRR GATE under your user name.

Click on Save button and below screen will show.

Will take you back to RR screen.

Submit: Below screen will pop up, Always click on Yes to proceed for Submission.

Note: This does not mean your request has been rejected, this means that system does not recognize this rate and the same has to be submitted to trade for approval. Click Yes to proceed.

SRR gate: RR will show under Submitted folder once Yes is clicked.

srr gate
SRR gate

Please click on the right folder to check the status of Rate request.

By double clicking on the line, SRR screen will show where you can Counter or reject the SRR.

Note: This SRR screen is not the same as rate request, and is different screen. Path: LRP > Pricing > Special Rate request.

countering srr
Countering SRR

When SRR is countered by trade desk it will show as Open in SRR gate when user action is required. Double click on the Record and SRR screen will open.

Fields changeable at Countering stage…Edit and Counter needs to be clicked in order to activate below fields

Click on Save after changes are made. Save button will get active only after apply rate is clicked.

To date can be Decreased, but CANNOT be INCREASED.

Change OFR

Remarks is mandatory before saving. Kindly insert full remarks specially when countering.

Rates can be changed along with VATOS.

points to remember
Points to Remember…
  • SRR can be Accepted, Rejected or re-countered by agency when it is Countered by Line.
  • When there is a Approved SRR, and the user is creating new duplicate SRR with same details, the approved SRR TO date validity will automatically change to day before the FROM date of new SRR.
  • Creating SRR Booking process is the same as before.

Important: Currently Booking does not accommodate VATOS with NO, so kindly create the Rate request with VATOS as YES only in order to process booking successfully. We are enhancing the Booking with VATOS as NO function very soon.

mandatory requirements for rr to work
Mandatory requirements for RR to work.
  • Rate request cannot be saved as pending if there is no routing available in LRP. In order to get the routing updated immediately contact [email protected]
  • Rate Request cannot be approved/ Countered or Rejected if Cost for that routing is missing. The same will be taken care of by Line.

RR: Rate Request

difference between old and new srr

Routing and Cost Not applicable.

VATOS is by default as YES.

Customer Profile Analysis Not available.

No Competition field available.

OFR available as Subject to ONLY.

SRR gate as common module.

SRR cannot be saved for Future date.


Routing and Cost are mandatory.

VATOS with option of YES or NO.

Customer Profile Analysis Available.

Competition Field Available.

OFR can be filed as Subject to or Inclusive (All in).

SRR gate enhanced as per security management.

Rate request can be saved as pending for Future date.

Difference between Old and New SRR
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End of Presentation…

For any doubts or concerns, please contact [email protected]