Lesson7 In the restautant
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Lesson7 In the restautant. 执教:棣花镇茶房小学 张 莉. a humbuger. french fries. brend. chicken. fish. a ice -cream. milk. juice. dumplings. noodles. rice. a menu. Let's practise(I). Certainly. Here you are. Mum, may I have some milk?. Let's practise(II).

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Lesson7 In the restautant

执教:棣花镇茶房小学 张 莉

Let's practise(I)


Here you are.

Mum, may I have some milk?

Let's practise(II)

Dad, have two hamburgers?

may I

NO,you can’t.you can eat one.


Here you are.

Let's practise(III)


Dad, some more fruits?

may I have

Let's practise.


A: May I have some ……?

B: Certainly.Here you are.

A: May I have some more ……?

B:No,you can’t.you can have one.

Read and judge.


当你到餐馆时,服务人员一般先会说:“What can I do for you?”

( )1、

Read and judge.


“Help yourself.”是用在吃完饭后的客套话。

( )2、

Read and judge.



( )3、

Read and judge.


“你想吃点什么?”用英语表达是“What would you like?”

( )4、

Read and judge.


“我可以再吃一些水吗?”用英语表达是“May I have some fruits?”

( )5、

Let's act.

情 景:

2008年北京奥运会期间, Tom一家到北京一家餐馆就餐。奥运福娃负责接待工作。 他们要了一个汉堡,一些薯条。吃完后, Tom还想要一些汉堡,妈妈不同意。

Let's act.

福娃: Welcome.What can I do for you ?

妈妈:May I have the meau?

福娃: Certionly,here you are.

妈妈:What would you like ,Tom?

汤姆:I like a humburger.

妈妈:OK,Let’s have a humburger and some freach fries.

福娃: Here you are.

汤姆:Mum,may I have some more ice –cream?

妈妈:No you can’t.you can have one.

Let's talk.

课 堂 小 结 评 价



设计一种考查英语单词及句型的“跳 棋”,(可以设计成掷点子走步的棋,停在哪一站,照这一站上写的要求去做。例如Say a kind of fruit. Spell “meat”.当你饿了,你会说什么?回答问题Where are you from?等等要求。)如不能完成,罚停走一次。