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Renaissance. FINAL JEOPARDY. Name 3 reasons why the Renaissance was slow to spread. Draw where the silk road is…. What belongs In the “?“ Mark Space in The Feudalism Chart?. ?. When war betweens countries ended, did People move from rural areas to the cities? T OR F

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What belongs

In the “?“ Mark

Space in

The Feudalism



When war betweens countries ended, did

People move from rural areas to the cities?


Name the term that this stands for? Bonus 10

Why is Italy the birthplace

Of the city states, why were they

So prosperous?

What is oligarchy?

What is papacy?

Who were the Medici family? Pick all that apply!

The leaders of Venice.

Were involved in both politics

and the church.

Employed many artists in Florence.

Were members of the lower class that

rose up in society with changes from

the Renaissance.

This was a civic institution

Implemented in Venice to

Collect money for the needy

And to uphold civic duty.

This is an example of what in

Renaissance art?

Bonus – What is a major theme in all art? 10 POINTS

How might the Black Death have

Changed the way people viewed

The world?


What is one invention that DaVinici

Created that we use today except:

Who’s the poet here:

Da Vinci

William Shakespeare

Sir Thomas Moore

Nicolas Copernicus

Name two Improvements in Art that were

Created during the Renaissance.



This is what invention?

How did it help spread the ideas of the Renaissance?

Double Jeopardy

A term used to describe control

From the male line of the family.

What was life like for Kids in the Renaissance?


What were the two classes that

People in Florence were sorted into:



This is an example of what church!?

Bonus 5 points for every point

You give that describes this.

What country was said that the sun would never set on it because of all its colonies?

Name some colonies – 5 points for each

Name the religiou because of all its coloniess reforms that

Were taking place in England, France,

And Spain.

Why? Bonus 10 for each

Final jeopardy
FINAL JEOPARDY ethnocentrism.

Economic changes

Spain and Portugal had gotten lucky conquering the Meso American countries full of gold. Why however did the English, French and Germans still rise above?