Relative Clauses
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Relative Clauses 關係子句 / 形容詞子句 ( 二) I like the Swiss Roll - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Relative Clauses 關係子句 / 形容詞子句 ( 二) I like the Swiss Roll You bought it from Pan Da Jen bakery. I like the Swiss Roll which you bought from ~. 可省略 I like the Swiss Roll which you bought from ~. I like the Swiss Roll which has strawberries in it. 關代 which 是形容詞子句的 受詞 (可省略)

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Relative Clauses 關係子句 / 形容詞子句 ( 二) I like the Swiss Roll

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Relative Clauses 關係子句/形容詞子句 (二)

I like the Swiss Roll

You bought it from Pan Da Jen bakery.

I like the Swiss Roll which you bought from ~.


I like the Swiss Roll which you bought from ~.

I like the Swiss Roll which has strawberries in it.

關代which 是形容詞子句的受詞(可省略)

關代which是形容詞子句的主詞 (不可省略)








網路交友可能很有趣 但親自見面是另一回事

7. 有很多共同點 8. 邀我出去 9. 在公共場所

10. 愚笨 11. 閒聊 12. 建議 13. 搖滾樂

一題六分 一處錯扣一分

單字一題兩分 滿分五十分

1. 我以前喜歡在線上跟陌生人聊天

2. 他不像我在網路上跟他聊天的那個人

3. 當我把門拉開時 有個男孩把我推到一邊

4. 妳應該先問爸媽看看可不可以去見新朋友

5. 笑話 6.準時 7.害羞 8.努力工作 9.誠實 10.有禮貌 11.驕傲 12.粗魯 13.懶惰

一題 八分 一處錯扣一分

單字一題 兩分 滿分五十分 跟上次加總成一百

Which is right?

He is the man I talked with last night.

He is the man built the bridge.

妳現在正在吃的蛋糕是Joe 給的

The cake which you’re eating was given by Joe.


The dog which A-di is afraid of is standing right on the corner.


The pen which she draws pictures with is the latest model.

這是台豪華的車 它的顏色我很喜歡

This is a fancy car.

I like its color very much.

This is a fancy car whose color I like very much.

the color of which I like very much.

of which the color I like very much.


This is the website.

You can find a lot of information about lizards on it.

This is the website on which you can find a lot of information about lizards.

不能用that 的情況

that 之前不能有逗點

that 之前不能有介係詞

I love my mom, who always cares for me.

Nobody dares to enter the house from which strange sounds come out every night.

Nobody dares to enter the house.

Strange sounds come out every night from it.

This is my wife, to whom I owe everything.

This is my wife.

I owe everything to her.

who, whom, whose

This is the website on which/where you can find a lot of information about lizards.

Nobody dares to enter the house from which / where strange sounds come out every night.

used to V 以前經常 (used為過去式)

My grandma used to take care of me a lot.

be used to Ving/N (漸漸習慣於~)

(used是pp to為介詞 be 可表出 時態)

I was used to Mom’s taking care of me.

I’m used to the queer atmosphere in my office.

Mr. Harrison always talks about how good his students’ English is.

He can write sentences that most senior high school students can’t.


jokes, honest, strangers, proud, public, address

stupid, rude, polite, hard-working

Rock music is the music which Becky doesn’t like.

The man that the students greeted was Annie’s cousin.

Sierra likes the music (which/that) they are playing in the coffee shop.

Jenny is the girl (whom) he met through his friend.

3. I enjoyed the meal my father prepared tonight.

4. The dog Oscar keeps has a long tail.

1. The Internet friend he chatted with online looks polite.

2. He was/is proud of the things his son did for the poor (people).

3. If you smoke in public places, you will be fined.

4. It’s wise (for you) not to give your address and phone number to anyone you don’t know.

5. Someone you meet on the Internet might be different from the one you meet in person.


address, rock, chatting, push, stupid, rude, public, someone, proud, honest

making, on, be, another

to, in, along, on

Because he pushed her aside.

He is pulling the dog.

He is looking at the girl who/that he likes.

They have a lot in common.

It’s not wise to meet someone who you only chatted with online.

Don’t give your phone number to someone who you don’t know.

Before you meet her in person, you should ask your parents for advice first.

Have you ever made friends through the Net?


honest, public, advice, stupid, strangers

The man who Teacher Wang is talking to is Tommy’s father.

She likes to chat with her Internet friends in her free time.

She likes the watch which she bought in the department store best.

六 1. Jane is talking with the woman who she met at the market.

2. Who were the children that Chris played with ten minutes ago?

3. The chocolate pie which Sandy made must be very delicious.

4. Kevin used to drive fast, but now he doesn’t.

The joke which he told made my uncle laugh.

Meeting him in a public place is very wise for her.

Push the desks aside, and then mop the floor of the classroom.

Are you able to fix the car _____?

has five doors

my brother always drives it

which belong to my dad

that was badly damaged

The dog has a long tail.

David keeps the dog.

The dog has a long tail which David keeps.

The electronic whiteboard _____ cost NT$40000.

(A) they are writing

(B) is from Japan

(C) Mr. Wang is using it

(D) which are made in Denmark

(E) which was badly damaged

Do you like the car which ____ yesterday?

(A) were bought by me

(B) I bought

(C) bought by me

(D) I was bought

R3 翰老師

一 hobby, bakery, sentence, Paste, salt, members,

wise,forest, hard-working

二 born, which, to, for

through, with, in, ask, if, say

四 1. We seldom watch TV, and neither does he.

2. The nurse at the door will take care of the baby.

3. I am reading the book which I borrowed from the library.

4. The friends who like to laugh at you are not true ones.

He used to chat online. However, he seldom does now.

He is the only person that can bake bread here.

Those people who you met at the gate are the members of the chess club.

These experiences can help me learn how to lead others.

You have a lot in common. You love music, and so does she.

R3 A

dumplings, newspaper, online, address, greet, sentence, member, stupid

四 who/whom/that, for, so is which/that part, of

六 1. Peter's class will sell popcorn at the school fair, and so will Evan's (class).

2. The girl in a pink sweater is my classmate.

3. The teacher who is writing on the blackboard is our English teacher.

4. The culture which we experienced on Lanyu is different from ours.

5. Kevin has never been to Penghu before, and

neither has Josh.

七 1. She used to be the leader of the chess club at

our school.

2. Jack was not sure what his interests were until he

joined a club.

3. Several weeks ago, she made friends with

someone who looks honest.

4. Do you know the stranger who is pulling the door


5. Rex is a person who is polite to others.

Not giving your home address to anyone you know through the Net is wise.

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