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Computer Applications to Business. Lecture 11-12. Printing. Commonly Used Printers. Printer can be categorize into two categories: Impact printers Non-impact printers. 1) Impact printers. Creates an image by using pins or hammers to press an inked ribbon against the paper.

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Lecture 11 12

Computer Applications to Business

Lecture 11-12


Commonly used printers
Commonly Used Printers

  • Printer can be categorize into two categories:

    • Impact printers

    • Non-impact printers

1 impact printers
1) Impact printers

  • Creates an image by using pins or hammers to press an inked ribbon against the paper.

  • Generate output by striking the paper

  • Uses an inked ribbon

  • For example ; type writer

  • The most common type of impact printer is the dot matrix printer

  • Other types of impact printers are line printers and band printers.

2 non impact printers
2) Non-impact printers

  • Other means to create an image.

  • Ink jet printers, for example, use tiny nozzles to spray droplets of ink onto the page.

  • Laser printers work like photocopiers, using heat to bond microscopic particles of dry toner to specific parts of the page.

  • Use methods other than force

  • Tend to be quiet and fast

Commonly used printers1
Commonly Used Printers

  • Dot matrix printers

    • Impact printer

    • Commonly used in workplaces where physical impact with the paper is important.

    • When the user is printing to carbon copy or pressure sensitive forms.

    • Used to print to multi-sheet pages

    • Print head (contains a cluster or matrix of short pins arranged in one or more columns) strikes inked ribbon.

Dot matrix printers
Dot matrix printers

  • The more pins that a print head contains, the higher the printer’s resolution.

  • The lowest-resolution dot matrix printers have only nine pins;

  • The highest-resolution printers have 24 pins.

  • The slowest dot matrix printers create 50 to 70 characters per second;

  • the fastest print more than 500 cps.

  • Not commonly used in homes,

  • Still widely used in business.

Commonly used printers2
Commonly Used Printers

  • Other types of impact printers:

  • Line printers

    • Uses a special wide print head that can print an entire line of text at one time.

    • Line printers do not offer high resolution but are incredibly fast.

    • The fastest can print 3,000 lines of text per minute.

Commonly used printers3
Commonly Used Printers

  • Other types of impact printers:

  • Band printers

    • Features a rotating band embossed with alphanumeric characters.

    • To print a character, the machine rotates the band to the desired character then a small hammer taps the band, pressing the character against a ribbon.

    • Can generate 2,000 lines of text per minute

Commonly used printers4
Commonly Used Printers

  • Ink-jet printers

    • Non-impact printer

    • Inexpensive home printer

    • create an image directly on the paper by spraying ink through tiny nozzles.

    • attain print resolutions of at least 300 dots per inch.

    • When used with special printing paper, many ink jet printers can produce photo-quality images.

    • Color output common using CMYK

      • Cyan, magenta, yellow, black

    • Sprays ink onto paper

Commonly used printers ink jet printers
Commonly Used Printers--Ink-jet printers

Commonly used printers non impact printer
Commonly Used Printers--Non-impact printer

  • Laser printer

    • Non-impact printer.

    • Produces high quality documents.

    • Color or black and white.

    • A CPU and memory are built into the printer to interpret the data that it receives from the computer and to control the laser.

    • Single-color (black) laser printers typically can produce between 4 and 16 pages of text a minute.

    • The most common laser printers have resolutions of 300 or 600 dpi.

Commonly Used Printers--Non-impact printer

  • Laser printer

    • Print process

      • Laser draws text on page

      • Toner sticks to text

      • Toner melted to page

    • Speed measured in pages per minute (PPM)

    • Quality expressed as dots per inch(DPI)

Commonly used printers5
Commonly Used Printers

Laser printer: Printing process

Commonly used printers6
Commonly Used Printers

Laser printer: Printing process

Commonly used printers7
Commonly Used Printers

  • All-in-one peripherals

    • Scanner, copier, printer and fax

    • Popular in home offices

    • Prices are very reasonable

Comparing printers
Comparing Printers

  • Determine what you can spend

  • Initial cost

  • Cost of operating

  • Image quality

    • Also known as print resolution, is usually measured in dots per inch (dpi).

  • Speed

    • Printer speed is measured in the number of pages per minute (ppm) the device can print.

    • Most consumer-level laser printers offer print speeds of 6 or 8 ppm,

    • But high-volume professional laser printers can exceed 50 ppm.

High quality printers
High-Quality Printers

  • Special purpose printers

    • Used by a print shop

    • Output is professional grade

    • Prints to a variety of surfaces

High quality printers1
High-Quality Printers

  • Photo printers

  • Thermal wax printers

  • Dye sublimation printers

  • Plotters

High quality printers2
High-Quality Printers

  • Photo printers

    • Produces film quality pictures

    • Prints very slow

    • Prints a variety of sizes

    • Many larger-format photo printers can print multiple images on a single sheet of paper

High quality printers3
High-Quality Printers

  • Thermal wax printers

    • Used primarily for presentation graphics and handouts.

    • Create bold colors and have a low per-page cost for printouts with heavy color requirements, such as posters or book covers.

High quality printers4
High-Quality Printers

  • Thermal wax printers

    • Color generated by melting wax.

    • Colors do not bleed.

    • Operation costs are low.

    • Output is slow.

High quality printers5
High-Quality Printers

  • Dye sublimation printers

    • A ribbon containing panels of color is moved across a focused heat source capable of subtle temperature variations.

    • The heated dyes evaporate from the ribbon and diffuse on specially coated paper or another material, where they form areas of different colors.

    • Produces realistic output

High quality printers6
High-Quality Printers

  • Dye sublimation printers

    • Very high quality

    • Color is produced by evaporating ink

    • Operation costs are high

    • Output is very slow

High quality printers7
High-Quality Printers

  • Plotters

    • A plotter is a special kind of output device.

    • Used to print large-formal images , such as construction drawings created by an architect.

    • Large high quality images

    • Older models draw with pens

    • Operational costs are low

    • Output is very slow