Api sc13 drilling completion and fracturing fluids june 13 2012 westminster colorado
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API SC13 Drilling Completion and Fracturing Fluids June 13, 2012 Westminster, Colorado - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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API SC13 Drilling Completion and Fracturing Fluids June 13, 2012 Westminster, Colorado. Paul Scott, Chair Johnna Smith, Secretary David Ekas Vice-Chair (terms to June 2013). Thanks to 21 Sponsors of Summer Social Denver Aquarium – Ashland Host. Ashland Baker Hughes Cabot Specialty Fluids

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Api sc13 drilling completion and fracturing fluids june 13 2012 westminster colorado

API SC13 Drilling Completion and Fracturing FluidsJune 13, 2012Westminster, Colorado

Paul Scott, Chair

Johnna Smith, Secretary

David Ekas Vice-Chair

(terms to June 2013)

Thanks to 21 sponsors of summer social denver aquarium ashland host
Thanks to 21 Sponsors of Summer Social Denver Aquarium – Ashland Host

  • Ashland

  • Baker Hughes

  • Cabot Specialty Fluids

  • Cargill

  • Chandler Engineering

  • Chemstar Products Co.

  • Densimix/Champion/CorsiT

  • Drilling Specialties, CP Chem

  • Elementis Specialties

  • Elkem Materials

  • Fann Instrument Co

  • Grace Instruments

  • Halliburton / Baroid

  • Kelco Oilfield Group

  • Messina, Inc

  • M-I Swaco

  • MWV Spec Chemicals

  • Newpark Drilling Fluids

  • NOV FluidControl

  • OFI Testing Equipment

  • Tetra Technologies, Inc.

Agenda Ashland Host

  • Housekeeping (SC Charge, Roll Call, etc)

  • Previous Meeting Minutes – Approval

  • Upcoming Meetings

  • SC13 API Reporting and Support

  • New Work Items

  • Task Group Updates

  • Old Business

  • New Business

  • Adjourn

Sc13 charge intro
SC13 Charge & Intro Ashland Host

  • Develop and Maintain Specifications and Recommended Practices for Drilling, Completion, Fracturing Fluids/Proppants, Fluids Processing Equipment and related subjects

Api email lists roll call
API Email Lists & Roll Call Ashland Host

  • Comment on API Roster & Email List

  • Circulate SC13 Roster for Updates

  • Sign-in sheet

  • Roll Call

Welcome new members returning participants
Welcome new members (returning participants) Ashland Host

  • Andrea Alba - M-I Swaco

  • Flori Baltoiu – Q’Max Solutions

  • Adam Dotson – OFITE

  • Adel Ansari – Saudi Aramco

  • Gregory Boisson – Imerys

  • Sam Bridges – Derrick Equip

  • David Guetta – Imerys

  • Jamie Jones – BASF

  • Alan Rodgerson – BP

  • Others?

  • Thanks to everyone for attending and participating!

Sc13 meeting minutes
SC13 Meeting Minutes Ashland Host

  • Review & Approve Previous Meeting Minutes – copies distributed after lunch

    • Posted on API website with all TG WG presentations & documents

Winter mtg sc13 action items
Winter Mtg SC13 Action Items Ashland Host

  • Review Previous Meeting Action Items:

    • Draft Reports prior to meetings probably not feasible (we all have day jobs)

    • Request First Time Attendee Materials (today)

    • Remind me – Acronym List??

    • Don Weintritt was granted Emeritus status

    • Help Johnna and me capture action items today

Next api sc13 meetings
Next API SC13 Meetings Ashland Host

  • 2013 Winter – Jan 21-25, New Orleans, Louisiana

  • 2013 Summer – June 24-28, Washington, DC

  • 2014 Winter - TBD

  • 2014 Summer – June 16-20 Chicago, Illinois

Jim Raney Anadarko Ashland Host


Sc13 home page
SC13 Home Page Ashland Host

API Website: Standards – Committee Info - CSOEM – SC13

Sign-in: Email address & 1st time Password: FirstnameLastname or “Forgot Password”

Api support staff
API Support & Staff Ashland Host

Sc13 new work items sr3 forms
SC13 New Work Items SR3 Forms Ashland Host

  • New Work Items SR3s and SC13 Voting Business:

    • TG2 Publications SR3 for $20,000 year

    • TG4 WBM and Lab Testing WG3 PSD of Materials SR3 for $50,000 for Independent Lab Testing to Validate Procedure

    • TG8 WG1 API Reference and Calibration Materials Custodian SR3 for $20,000/yr to fund new custodian – Oct 2012 forward

Tg2 publications scott
TG2 Publications: Scott Ashland Host

  • TG2 Chair Short Term Solution:

    • Co-Chair Paul Scott and Bernard Fraboulet

  • Update on API / ISO Relationship

    • ISO / API Request for ruling

    • OGP Interim Solution

Tg2 publications scott1
TG2 Publications: Scott Ashland Host

  • Approved SR3 for $20,000/yr to fund Publications Editor (Cheryl Stark or other)

  • SR3 for Funded Technical Reviewer is Bob Garrett

  • Review Status of Documents – TG2 PPT

  • Need to draft work flow

Tg3 obm testing shumate

WG1: Ashland Host Oil Mud Chemical Analysis – Hibernation

WG3: Particle Size Distribution Testing of OBM / SBM

Chair Scott Klasner Halliburton

Have NAF model fluid, SOP collected were very different, sampling is critical equipment manufacturers are on WG

Will Evaluate Preliminary Data on model NAF

Determine critical parameters to be used

Target draft RP Jan 2014

Work Group 4 – Measurement of NAF Internal Phase Activity Modifiers Chairman: Brent Estes

Update from Fann on bad PnP – seems to be resolved

TG3 OBM Testing: Shumate

Tg4 wbm lab testing growcock for breeden
TG4: WBM & Lab Testing: Growcock for Breeden Ashland Host

  • WG1 Simulated Drill Solids, Have done round robin so far clays have not been acceptable, ongoing. Will look at clays in water and compare to Rev Dust

  • WG? PSD of Bridging Agents / LCMs Materials Fred Growcock Chair, compare methods and perform round robin to develop procedure, approved funding request for validation $50,000

  • WG?HPHT Viscometers Breeden to Chair initially, Had teleconference and sharing procedures, plan round robin on different types of viscometers then generic procedure

Tg4 wbm lab testing growcock for breeden1
TG4: WBM & Lab Testing: Growcock for Breeden Ashland Host

  • New Business:

    • Pressure vessels for HTHP filtration cells, PPA cells, and static aging cells

    • Issue of SG to use for weighting material in retort calculations for Low-Gravity Solids

  • Old Business

    • Abrasion Testing (Superior Graphite)

    • Dave Derwin submitted report blade were not coated supports data, has 100+ blades he will give to any lab until supply is exhausted, then need to take up new specs.

Tg5 solids control equipment stocks for robinson
TG5: Solids Control Equipment: Ashland HostStocks for Robinson

  • WG1 SCE RP13C Andrea Alba Chair: Clause 5 and 6 and old charge to demonstrate benefits of improved SCE

    • Has met and has good membership

    • Needs to sort out revised charge

    • Plans survey

  • WG2 RP13C Inform users of RP13C Screen designation and look to Testing monogram / certification program to purge violators from industry

    • Still evaluating various API Monogram / Certification Program

    • Published AADE paper and API RP13C FAQs

    • Have color coded RP13C

    • Considering Specification document (split RP13C) for Monogram

Report tg 6 testing of heavy brine javora
Report TG-6: Testing of Heavy Brine: Javora Ashland Host

Revised TG Charge to delete ISO reference

Revisions to Testing of Heavy Brines RP13J is drafted with many changes corrections and needs format style editing then will go to ballot

PCT Work Group Don Isaac Chair: Had round robin and have draft final document

Return Permeability WG Dodie Ezzat, Ongoing plan to develop common test method without round robin testing

Report tg 6 testing of heavy brine javora1
Report TG-6: Testing of Heavy Brine: Javora Ashland Host

Displacement WG, Ed Malachosky and Bruce Fry Co-Chairs, no activity plan but new energy

Hydrate WG, Compare calculation methods

Scale Judy Guy-Caffey, WG has document outline

Emulsion Technology Work Groups in progress, have plan for round robin

CRA Program progress discussed continues

Tg7 rheology hydraulics
TG7 Rheology & Hydraulics Ashland Host

  • Chair Meehan / Vice Chair Zamora

Tg 8 drilling fluid materials wilkin

TG-8, Drilling Fluid Materials: Wilkin Ashland Host

WG1: Reference Materials: SEBC lot approved. Have plan for custodian. New funding

WG5: Starch Specifications Saleh Al-Ammari, Have had meetings and deciding on specifications to include and define parameters

Need to address issues raised on systematic review of ISO document

Discussed proposal for new WG to look again at gas pycnometer for determining SG of barite

SC13 – Drilling Completion and Fracturing Fluids

Tg9 fracturing fluids asadi
TG9 Fracturing Fluids: Asadi Ashland Host

Met with API Roland Goodman and others to discuss API ISO relationship

Asadi to determine ISO WG future and will advise

Tg10 proppants penny
TG10 Proppants: Penny Ashland Host

Minimal communication from Glenn Penny no information on what they are doing and what they plan to do given the API ISO situation

Wg on business practices polnaszek
WG on Business Practices: Polnaszek Ashland Host

  • Have near final document to be distributed for review

  • SR3 for long term storage working on external storage method in conjunction with API website for current data

Sc18 on quality q1 monogram liaison report
SC18 on Quality Q1 Monogram Ashland HostLiaison Report

  • Johnna Smith (Halliburton) Liaison from SC13 to SC18

Comments on this meeting
Comments on this meeting Ashland Host

  • Comments on this meeting

    • Good attendance

    • Having true work group meetings on first day was good and will be continued

    • Will stay with Tuesday Wednesday schedule – need to know sooner if Monday activities are desired

    • Will ask API and CSOEM once again for wireless internet and to coordinate special breaks snacks with our meetings

Closing comments
Closing Comments Ashland Host

  • Thanks for Volunteering!

  • Feel free to contact me with comments concerns feedback

  • Comments about meeting?

Are we finished
Are we finished? Ashland Host

  • Review New Action Items