Abc book of u s history
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ABC Book of U.S. History. Cody Koehn 4 th period. A. Adams, John-Was in the 2 nd congress. Antifederalist- Individuals who opposed rattif, caution to the constitution. Abolitionist- A person who is strongly against slavery. B.

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Abc book of u s history

ABC Book of U.S. History

Cody Koehn

4th period


Adams, John-Was in the 2nd congress

Antifederalist- Individuals who opposed rattif, caution to the constitution.

Abolitionist- A person who is strongly against slavery.


Boston Tea Party- 342 chest of tea was poured in the Boston Harbor

Boston Massacre- 5 unarmed civilians were shot and killed

Bill of rights-The 15 Amendments


Cash crop- Farms sold for money.

Constituents- people that members of congress represent

Cotton gin- a machine that removed seed from cotton fiber.


Disarment- removal of weapons.

Diversity- variety of differences.

Dissent- disagreement with or opposition to an opinion.


Emport- to sell gods abroad.

Emancipate- free slaves

Effigy- rag future representing an unpopular individual.


Frigate- warship

Famine- an extreme shortage of food.

Fugitive- runway or trying to runaway.


Genocide- deliberate destruction of a racial political, or cultural group

Guerilla tatics- referring to surprise.

Global warming- a steady increase in average world temp.


Internet- a worldwide linking of cpu.

Iron clade- armored navel vessel.

Import- to buy goods from foreign markets.


Judicial review- The right of the supreme court to determine if a law violates the constitution

Joint occupation- a posetion and settling of an area shared by one or more country.

Judicial branch- branch of gov. including the federal court system, that interests the nations laws


Kansas- bleeding Kansas

Kansas Nebraska act- it created the areas of Kansas and Nebraska it let people vote

King Henry viii- King of England


Literacy- the ability to read and write

Lynching- putting a person to death a person by illegal actions of mob

Land slide- an overwhelming victory


Manumission- the freeing of some enslaved person

Majority- more than half

Maize- an early form of corn grown by native Americans


Neutrality- a position of not taking sides in a conflict

Noniportation- the act of not importing or using certain goods

Naturalization- to grant full citizenship to a foreigner


Ordinance- a law of regulation.

  • Override-To overturn or defeat, as a bill purposed in congress.

Offensive-possition of attacking of the attack itself.


Precedent-a tradition

Privateer-armed private ship

Partisan- favoring one side of an issue


Quechua- Incan language.

Quakers- antislavery movement.

Quebec- is now Canada.


Reserved powers-powers retained by the states

Revenue-incoming money

Repeal-to cancel an act or law


Smuggling-trade illegally with the other nations

Sectionalism-loyalty to a region

Suffrage-the right to vote


Toleration- the acceptance of different beliefs

Total war- war on all aspects of the enemy's life

Tariff- a tax on imports or exports


Unconstitutional- not agreeing or consisting with the constitution

Utopia- community based on a vision of a perfect society sough by reformers.

Unalienable rights- a right that cannot be surrendered


Veto-to reject a bill and prevent it from becoming a law

Vigilantes-people who takes the law into their own hands

Vaquero- Hispanic ranch hand


War hawks- republicans during Madison's precedence passed for war with Brittan

Write of assistance- legal document that enabled officers to search homes and war houses for goods that might be smuggled


Xyz affair- three French agents as x,y,z


Yellow journalism- a type of sensation, based, and often false reporting

yeoman=- southern owner of a small farm who did not have enslaved people.

Yankee- union soldier


Zenger, John Peter- new York weekly journalist