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About me. Music is very important in my life. I like polish HIP-HOP. Music groups which I listen to are Peja, Tede and Pezet. I like Liroy too. I listen to music every evening when I have free time.

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About me

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About me 4579327

About me

Music is very important in my life. I like polish HIP-HOP. Music groups which I listen to are Peja, Tede and Pezet. I like Liroy too. I listen to music every evening when I have free time.

I am interested in computers, mobile phones and cars. I collect auto magazines and my favourite car is PEUGEOT 607. I often change my mobile phones. In the evenings I surf on internet.

About me 4579327

My tipical day

I always have a very intensive day. I usually get up at 7 o'clock and then I take a shower, eat breakfast and go to school. I come back home at 4 o'clock. I eat dinner and do my homework. After that I have time off.

About me 4579327

My future hopes

In the future I am goingto be a lawyer or a politician. I wouldlike to move to some hot country, for example Spain or Italy because I like sunbathing and swimming in the sea.But it is only my dream.

About me 4579327

Poland at the end of XVIII century

...When we were in a difficult situation after the partition of Poland, we had to do something. S. A. Poniatowsky was the ruler in our country in that time …

... But this king couldn't rule and the only help for us was to make reforms. In 1788 politicians started debating on Polish situation. That was called „The Big Parliament” …

About me 4579327

... And then after 4 years the Parliament established a constitution. It was on the 3rdof May 1791. It was the first document of this kind in Europe and the second one in the world ...

About me 4579327

Wonder at Wisla

When Poland regained independence (11 November, 1918) we had to fight to settle Polish borders. Then The Red Army (Russian division) wanted to attack Warsaw, but Piłsudski, Haller and Sikorski madea plan to defence Warsaw. In the 15thof August 1920 Polish army won with The Red Army. This fight is called The Wonder at Wisla.

About me 4579327

Geography of Mazovia

Mazovia is one of the Polish provinces. 5068 thousand people live on the 35.47 thousand km2area. Thereare 325 districts in 38 rular counties.

About me 4579327

The most important town

The most important town in Mazovia is of course Warsaw. It is the capital of this region and capital of Poland. It is the biggest city in Poland. Warsaw hasits own special atmosphere. Even though the German army distroyed it, we rebuilt our capital.

About me 4579327


The Kampinowski National Park is the most beautiful part of Mazovia. You can seeit on the map. Our climate is temperate. In January we have usually 2oC and in July we have usually 19oC.

About me 4579327

Links about The 3rd May Constitution

http://historia.gildia.pl/nowozytnosc/konstytucja_3_majahttp://www.konstytucje.ho.pl/pub/t002.htm - short history about it

Links about Mazovia

http://mazowsze.uw.gov.pl/ - regional portal about Mazovia

http://www.mazovia.pl/ portal about Mazovia

http://www.fz.eco.pl/ - side abut climate and ecology in Mazovia

http://warszawa.klikaj.com/ - portal with photo gallery of Warsaw

http://www.warsaw.prv.pl/ - photo gallery of Warsaw

Written by :

Mariusz Sarniak manio69@onet.pl

About me 4579327

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