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Reflecting on the Gospel, Reflections and Meditations…

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Reflecting on the Gospel, Reflections and Meditations… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul: What is The Society all about? How can we live: The Gospel Message? Social Justice and Charity? . I feel every meeting gets me in a deeper relationship with God. Every meeting we have an opening prayer and a closing prayer. Morgan

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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul: What is The Society all about? How can we live:The Gospel Message? Social Justice and Charity? 


I feel every meeting gets me in a deeper relationship with God. Every meeting we have an opening prayer and a closing prayer. Morgan

  • I joined because my friends did...we should meet 3x a month!Robbie
reflecting on the gospel reflections and meditations
Reflecting on the Gospel, Reflections and Meditations…
    • Helps me understand it better. Little things we do can mean a lot to someone else. Robbie
  • Every meeting we have a Sunday gospel to read and to reflect on. We discuss what the gospel means to us. This helps us to a kind of piece together what God is asking us to do in the society and gets us closer to being with him in heaven. Henry
an essential elements of the society spirituality
An Essential Elements Of The Society: Spirituality
  • Showing Christ’s Face To The Needy
  • Seeing Christ’s Face In The Needy
  • Evangelization By Example
  • Praying With Those In Need
  • Prayer, Meditation, Discussion
friendship fellowship
  • Person To Person Relationship W/Needy
  • Home Visitation To Maintain The Dignity Of The Needy
  • Working Together On Special Projects
  • Collaboration With Other Conferences
  • Praying Together At Retreats, Events & Meetings
service charity
  • Material Assistance (Food Clothing Furniture)
  • Financial Assistance (Rent Utilities Travel)
  • 100 % Volunteers
  • Special Works (Stores Pantries Housing)

At the beginning of the year in religion class we were reading this magazine that talked about kids making a difference in the world, and we said that we should do an outreach project like that. Henry

school service project
School Service Project
  • Thanks to my religion teacher, Mrs. Ellison, I got to work at the Saint Vincent de Paul Store. I had fun when I did that, so I decided I should join…The Society. Morgan
  • ..Help on projects like painting the stairs, or stocking the food pantry, or just carrying boxes around upstairs. Henry
my favorite part being in ssvdp
My favorite part being in SSVdP
  • is helping the poor, and being in a deeper relationship with God.
  • You don’t only act as God or Jesus would in the meetings and working at the store but you also help people in public because that is what Jesus would do…
        • Morgan

Food pantry and working at the store…make me feel like I am really doing something and not just sitting around. Robbie

reasons i like to work at the store is
Reasons I like to work at the store is…
  • because it is a good feeling to be helping people and having fun at the same time.
  • When we are at the food pantry we go down stairs, pick up what we are having a shortage on in the pantry, bring it up and restock the shelves and the cooler.
    • Henry
voice of the poor catholic social teaching catholics at the capitol
Voice of the Poor – Catholic Social Teaching…Catholics at the Capitol…
  • We learned a lot about issues on the government’s side and on the Christian side. Henry and Alyssa
youth young vincentian fall calendar
Youth & Young Vincentian Fall Calendar:
  • SSVdP Youth & Young Vincentian Conference Meeting --Twice a month during school year lunch time for high school at 11:04 followed by lunch time for middle school
  • September 27th FRIENDS OF THE POOR Walk 4:00 registration – raising money for the poor – Get Donations and bring sheet and $$
  • October 11th Help with Suicide Prevention Network’s EMBRACE LIFE Walk– Raising donations for prevention programs – Forms will be in the office after October 1st.
  • October 17th Help deliver BSA food donation bags in Marinette
  • October 24th Pick up filled BSA food donation bags – sort cans – and deliver to the SSVdP Food Pantry
  • October 10th – Collect Food during before the TimberJacks game – TACKLING HUNGER
  • November - Sell YOUNKERS Community Day coupon books
  • December – Help with Christmas Basket Program
being a vincentian is about acting and behaving as jesus did
Being a Vincentian is about acting and behaving as Jesus did…
  • We do all we can to help the poor, needy, helpless, suffering, and the deprived, so that they can live life knowing there is someone that can help in some way.
  • We also need to pray to God for forgiveness and to ask him for help.
  • We believe that all people make mistakes and that nobody is perfect or ever will be except God.
          • Morgan
fun while we work help
Fun while we work & help…
  • We have so much fun talking while we work and sometimes singing, while helping people at the same time. We also have fun just looking around the store when we are done. Henry
  • I liked helping after school when we painted the steps. I like doing things that makes me think and be artistic. Alyssa
serving the poor is an
Serving the poor is an


to encounter

the suffering Christ –

to see His face in them – to make the love of God a reality

in their lives

faith fire in our hearts
Faith: Fire in our Hearts

Comes from loving openly the Christ in others so that it can take hold in own heart!