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!;njhj;jpuk; !;njhj;jpuk; ghoLnthk; ,naRtpd; ehkj;jp;y; ToLnthk;;

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!;njhj;jpuk; !;njhj;jpuk; ghoLnthk; ,naRtpd; ehkj;jp;y; ToLnthk;; - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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!;njhj;jpuk; !;njhj;jpuk; ghoLnthk; ,naRtpd; ehkj;jp;y; ToLnthk;;. fz;qu\';fhkny ,uhKGJk; fz;kzpnghy; ek;ik fhj;jdnu ,naR ey;yth; vd;Wk; ty;;yth; my;nyYah Jjp rhw;wpLnthk;. Tg;gpLk; ntisap;y; vspath;f;Fk; khwhky; gjpiy jUgtnu ,naR ey;yth; vd;Wk; ty;yth; Xrd;dh fPj\';fs; KH\';fpLnthk;.

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Presentation Transcript
fz qu fhkny uhkgjk fz kzpnghy ek ik fhj jdnu nar ey yth vd wk ty yth my nyyah jjp rhw wplnthk
fz;qu\';fhkny,uhKGJk; fz;kzpnghy;ek;ik fhj;jdnu,naR ey;yth; vd;Wk; ty;;yth;my;nyYah Jjprhw;wpLnthk;
tg gplk ntisap y vspath f fk khwhky gjpiy jugtnu nar ey yth vd wk ty yth xrd dh fpj fs kh fplnthk
Tg;gpLk; ntisap;y;vspath;f;Fk; khwhky; gjpiyjUgtnu,naR ey;yth;vd;Wk; ty;yth;Xrd;dh fPj\';fs;KH\';fpLnthk;
ed ik fpuigahy jpdk epug gp tgthky ek ik fhg gtnu nar ey yth vd wk ty yth ed wpa ld jjpgholnthk
ed;ik fpUigahy;jpdk; epug;gptGthky; ek;ik fhg;gtnu,naR ey;yth;vd;Wk; ty;yth;ed;wpa[ld;JjpghoLnthk;