Your career path starts here
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Your Career Path Starts Here. . X. Purpose of this Assembly. To make you aware that the change in the economy and the workforce affects you . To explain the need for career planning NOW. To give information about the class, Career Pathways and Workforce Readiness

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Your Career Path Starts Here

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Your career path starts here

Your Career Path Starts Here



Purpose of this assembly

Purpose of this Assembly

  • To make you aware that the change in the economy and the workforce affects you.

  • To explain the need for career planning NOW.

  • To give information about the class,

    Career Pathways and Workforce Readiness

  • To highlight Career-Readiness Resources available to all students

Hopefully you

Hopefully, you…

  • Came in wondering…

Your career path starts here

… but will leave knowing, understanding, thinking, planning.

Welcome honored g uests

Welcome Honored Guests


Dr bill watkins

Dr. Bill Watkins

Your career path starts here

Dr. Geoff Yantz, SuperintendentJanice Hickey, Assistant SuperintendentSusan Aceves, Chief Business Officer


Jim garza principal ali rabiei assistant principal

Jim Garza, PrincipalAli Rabiei, Assistant Principal


Beth muraida pta council president julie parrino eshs pta president

Beth Muraida, PTA Council PresidentJulie Parrino, ESHS PTA President


Carol pirsztuk executive director

Carol Pirsztuk, Executive Director


John giovati director of programs operations lucy gutierrez career guidance specialist

John Giovati, Director of Programs & OperationsLucy Gutierrez, Career Guidance Specialist


Sue robins president

Sue Robins, President

Don daves rougeaux california university systems outreach college board

Don Daves-Rougeaux, California University Systems Outreach, College Board


Bob turnbull captain steve paulsen school resource officer

Bob Turnbull, CaptainSteve Paulsen, School Resource Officer


Internship partners

Internship Partners

Davis and Derosa Physical Therapy

Gaby lopez program manager robert chavez program manager

Gaby Lopez, Program ManagerRobert Chavez, Program Manager


Resources provided by sbwib

Resources Provided by SBWIB

  • Eureka Career Exploration Licenses

  • Computers

  • Blueprint for Workplace Success Curriculum

  • Paid Interns

  • Job Board Resources

  • Career-based Field Trips



The future leaders of the workforce

The new economy and the change in workforce needs

“The New Economy”and the Change in Workforce Needs

Pay attention to what s going on around you

Pay attention to what’s going on around you.

-Stay on top of current events.

-Develop an opinion.

-Take social responsibility.

Your career path starts here

It is indeed true that the majority of today's students are beginning to acknowledge and fear the existence of a spiraling recession. However, American students are not reacting strongly enough to the impending crisis ahead of them. Gordon, in his editorial "College Freshmen Focused on Jobs," gives "optimistic" statistics such as "those who said they spent some time 'partying' every week during high school declined from 69.7% to 65.3%." Although the editorial argues that this decrease of 4.4% is ground-breaking, 65.3% is still a HUGE number. Students should be studying…like students in Asia or other countries that do not have such a luxurious life as Americans.  -Timothy Liu, El Segundo

Has your teacher ever been absent

Has your teacher ever been absent?

What kind of employee will you be when your boss is away???

Career exploration

Career Exploration

Step 1: Who am I? (Personality, Learning Styles, and Skills)

Step 2: Where am I going? (Careers)

Step 3: How do I get there? (Education and Training)

Your personal career path

Your personal career path

Set goals. Have a plan. Write it out. Rehearse it!

Time management

Time Management

Could you part with your mobile device for one whole day???

  • Stop wasting time.

  • Stop making excuses.

  • Make wise choices now that will benefit you later.

  • Make time to REST!



“Your team is only as strong as your weakest player.”

Learn to work together, despite your differences.

Critical thinking and problem solving

Critical thinking and problem-solving

  • Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do.

  • Take initiative and use your creativity.

Listen to the wisdom of experience

Listen to the wisdom of experience…

Reflect on what you’ve heard and learned.

Hard work






21 st century skills

21st Century Skills



Critical Thinking


Beyond the school setting!

Transferable skills

Transferable Skills

  • Internships

  • Work Experience

  • So Cal ROC courses/Career Technical Education

Money management

Money Management

  • Learn it NOW!

  • Saving vs. spending

  • Plan ahead for your future

Employment preparation

Employment Preparation

  • Know the

    job market

  • Applications

  • Cover letters

  • Interviewing skills

  • Resumes

  • References

Career opportunities

Career Opportunities

  • Career Fairs

  • Career-based field trips

  • Job-shadowing

E portfolios


  • Communication/Collaboration

  • Global Awareness

  • Community Service

  • Media/IT Literacy

  • Health/Wellness

  • Reflection

It s who you know

It’s Who You Know

  • Networking

  • Business cards

Personal testimonies choose what s right for you

Personal TestimoniesChoose what’s right for YOU!

Insert movie

(Insert Movie)

Special thanks to

Special thanks to…

Morgan Rojas – Production Assistant; ESHS Class of 2006

Ryan Rojas – Class of 2008

Richard taylor theater director

Richard Taylor, Theater Director

Sound and Lighting Interns:

Sean Rodriguez, Julia Sison , Taylor Cahn, Anthony Rico

El segundo city cable

El Segundo City Cable

Abby Pinto, Video Production Class

Career pathways and workforce readiness first class

Career Pathways and Workforce Readiness“First Class”

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