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Author's Purpose
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Author's Purpose.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.

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Author's Purpose

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Author s purpose

Author's Purpose

Author s purpose

It's test timeagain and you've just finished reading the first paragraph in the test booklet and are preparing to answer the questions. The first question? Piece of cake! It's a context clue. The second question? No problem! The answer's right there. The third one is a little harder - it's an inference question, but you still figure it out.

Author s purpose

Whoa! What's this? Which of the following was the author's purpose in writing this? "To torture children who have to take these tests," you think grumpily, but that answer is not one of your choices...

Author s purpose

Authors' purpose questions are another way of saying, "Why did the author write this anyhow, or what was the reason this piece was written?"

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Author s purpose

How do I find

the purpose?

Author s purpose

There are many purposes

for an author's writing.

  • to correct a misunderstanding

  • to show differing points of view

  • to review a film

  • to review a book

  • to inform

  • to perform a task

  • to sell

  • to inspire

Author s purpose

Important reasons for author's to write:

  • Entertain

  • Instruct

  • Persuade

  • Describe

Author s purpose




Author s purpose


The author will explain or teach something in the story that the reader doesn’t know. The author provides knowledge to the reader.

Author s purpose


The author tries to change our opinion on a topic by appealing to our emotions.

Author s purpose

dark, shadowy figures

Authors often describeto support other

purposes in writing. They use it to create

a character, set a mood or envision a scene.


hot and arid

rolling waves

Author s purpose


  • Did the author try to make me laugh? Entertain

  • Did the author want to tell me a story? Entertain

  • Did the author try to amuse me? Entertain

Author s purpose


Did the author give me facts? Inform

Did the author try to teach me something? Inform

Did the author try to convince me? Persuade

Did the author want to change my opinion? Persuade

Author s purpose

Knowing the Author's Purpose

  • prepare your mind for the type of information in the reading

  • make the article easier to summarize

  • make it easier for you to discriminate between the article's main idea and important details


Author s purpose

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