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Presentation for the [email protected] Subcontractor Kick-off Meeting 07 April 2003 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation for the [email protected] Subcontractor Kick-off Meeting 07 April 2003. Wolfgang Helmreich, IABG [email protected] WP2.2 leader (Reporting Scheme). Towards a Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC). The Common European Transport Research Reporting Scheme.

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Presentation for the [email protected]Subcontractor Kick-off Meeting

07 April 2003

Wolfgang Helmreich, [email protected] WP2.2 leader (Reporting Scheme)

Towards a transport research knowledge centre trkc

Towards a Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC)

The Common European Transport Research Reporting Scheme

The role of advanced reporting elementsfor transport RTD will be

  • To establish a reporting standard in European transport research

  • To structure all input for use in a comprehensive data base, which will become the backbone of the TRKC web service

  • To transparently and timely cover transport RTD programmes and projects by monitoring research in progress

  • To address information needs of various user groups through three main levels of project coverage plus programme profiles

Three important project phases are covered by the following reporting elements

  • Project start

    • Project Profile (form)

  • Research projects in progress

    • Progress Summary (form); several issues would be allowed

  • Completed projects

    • Result Summary (form)

    • Final Report (self-standing scientific report for publication, to be prepared by project co-ordinators)

    • Programme Profile (form)

How to use the elements reporting elementsof the Reporting Scheme

  • Use the briefing paper, guiding papers and worked examples provided for each element, respectively, to familiarize with the forms and to get specific instructions

  • Decide whether you like to complete online forms (HTML) or whether you prefer MS Word forms that can be downloaded

  • Submit programme and project information via the TRKC website, or send completed MS Word forms to [email protected]

  • Update already filed information as required by project progress

Consolidated results of usability testing reporting elements(internal testing and feedback from seven BG/AG members)

  • Reporting system considered comprehensive, but concise

  • Required number of forms was questioned (e.g. merge Flash Report and Progress Summary)

  • Completing forms can (sometimes) be time-consuming

  • Preparation guides and worked examples considered useful

  • Briefing paper should be made available in (five) major EU languages to foster acceptance of the reporting scheme

  • Completing online forms (HTML) or using MS Word forms is favoured over inter-active PDF forms

The timeline for release of the Common European Transport Research Reporting Scheme

  • Synthesizing results of usability testing, e.g. further feedback by BG members, until early March

  • Draft Reporting Scheme circulated for validation by BG members on 07/03/2003; feedback received until 21/03/2003

  • Final Reporting Scheme (D2.2) completed by 24/03/2003

  • Foreseen approval of D2.2 by DG TREN as of 11/04/2003

  • Release of Reporting Scheme by DG TREN in mid-April 2003, then being available as a set of electronic documents

  • Publication of Reporting Scheme on-line version at the new TRKC website in late May 2003 (preliminary schedule)