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Jeopardy Template Source PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Author: Matt Hamlyn (original) and Tom Duggan (modifications for ETTC) Publisher: New Jersey Department of Education, Union County Educational Technology Training Center (ETTC) Available at: "Templates," ETTC,

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Jeopardy Template Source

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  • Author: Matt Hamlyn (original) and Tom Duggan (modifications for ETTC)

  • Publisher: New Jersey Department of Education, Union County Educational Technology Training Center (ETTC)

  • Available at: "Templates," ETTC,

Jeopardy Template Source

  • Added credits and instructions.

  • Replaced WordArt with title text (for ease of typing). Also altered the text content.

  • Altered return-to-board buttons (for invisibility).

  • Corrected hyperlinks for daily doubles.

  • Added Final Jeopardy category and "corrected" answer vs. question designation for Final Jeopardy.

  • Removed Alex Trebec.

Modifications to ETTC Version

Add picture of host?

Type in category headings, "answers," and "questions."

If desired, move the daily double slides (right before any "answer" slides), also changing the hyperlinks from the boards.

Run the show. Host and category headings are timed slides.

Click on unvisited dollar values on the board to reveal "answers."

If a daily double shows up, wait for the wager and then advance the show.

After contestant responds, reveal a correct "question" by advancing the show.

Click anywhere on "question" slides to return to the board.

Use the star button on the board to go on to next phase of game.

For Final Jeopardy, reveal the category, wait for wagers, and then advance the show.


put host here

Elements of a Successful Business

Why Businesses Fail

The Benefits of Competition

Consumer and Competitive Markets

Competitive Images


Elements of a

Successful Business

The Benefits of


Consumer and

Competitive Markets



Why Businesses Fail
































Most often, describing a business as successful means that it is this.

What is Profitable.

In business, often there are some expenses that do not change with quantity. These are called this.

What is Fixed Costs.

When businesses become good corporate citizens, it is an example of this element of a Successful Business.

What is Social Responsibility.

In addition to Personal Satisfaction, this other element of a Successful Business helps cut costs by eliminating frequent employee turnover.

What is Employee Satisfaction.

These factors: Desire for Control, Vision, Passion, Perseverance and Teamwork are the traits of this kind of person.

What is a Successful Businessperson.

These are the two major reasons why a business fails.

What is Lack of Skill and Lack of Knowledge.

When this occurs, a business will often forget the reasons for its initial success.

What is Expanding Too Quickly.

Forgetting your origins can cause even established businesses financial difficulty, such as this multinational corporation that altered its formula in 1984.

What is Coca-Cola.

Businesses that fail often say that they “just ran out of money.” This failure to budget properly is a result of this.

What is Lack of Capital.

Small businesses often account for their failure by blaming larger businesses. The real problem is this.

What is Inability to Stay Competitive.

Competition contributes to our economy by encouraging this.

What is the creation of new businesses.

One of the most effective ways to compete is by doing this.

What is charging less than other competitors for the same product or service.

To charge less, businesses must become more efficient and increase this.

What is productivity.

Without competition, there would be little or none of this for the consumer.

What is choice.

This type of competition occurs because the products or services are not directly related to each other.

What is Indirect Competition.

These 5 features will encourage the consumer to choose one product over another.

What is Quality, Price, Design, Features and Benefits.

When companies offer extra services to attract consumers, it is called this.

What is Value-Added-Service.

These 5 aspects of competition in the services sector are different from competition among similar products.

What is Convenience, Degree of Service, Selection, Reputation and Price.

This value is the percentage that one business’s product takes of the total dollars spent by consumers on similar products.

What is Market Share.

Companies also compete by studying this, or the types of consumers who buy their products.

What is the Consumer Market.

One of the most powerful competitive tools that any business has is this.

What is image.

This is a word or group of words that a business uses to distinguish its product from competitors’ products.

What is a Brand Name.

Many products combine their name with a special symbol that is associated with the product. This symbol is called this, or trademark.

What is a Logo.



“Just Do It” and “For all your 2000 body parts” are examples of this.

What is a Slogan.

When the image created for one product is transferred to other products made by the same company, it is called this.

What is Brand Extension.

It is not enough to simply create a positive image for the product. The image must be communicated to the consumer; it is the role of this department.

What is the Role of Marketing.

When a company develops a name, slogan, or logo for a product, and when everything associated with that product carries this identification, it is called this.

What is Brand Identification.

Consumers can be identified by these two ways.

What is Demographics and Lifestyle.

This consists of specific types of products as well as the businesses that manufacture these products.

What is Competitive Market.

Profit = Selling Price – Cost of Goods – ExpensesThis equation is called this.

What is The Profit Equation.



Competition in the Service Sector

This type of selection has an assortment of one specific product.

What is Deep Selection.

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