naviance tools for scholarship searches
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Naviance & Tools for Scholarship Searches

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Naviance & Tools for Scholarship Searches. FINANCIAL AID SESSION JANUARY, 2014 Chris Franken, Ed.S . College Planning & Assessment Eastview High School. Develop a Scholarship Strategy.

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naviance tools for scholarship searches

Naviance & Tools for Scholarship Searches



Chris Franken, Ed.S.

College Planning & Assessment

Eastview High School

develop a scholarship strategy
Develop a Scholarship Strategy

Most student aid comes in the form of federal education loans and grants from colleges, scholarships—with their lure of free money—get a huge amount of attention from students and their parents.

If you decide to invest your time in a search for scholarships, it\'s important to have an organized system to find, apply for, and win scholarship money.

systematic approach
Systematic Approach

Start With a Personal Inventory

Consider academic, extracurricular, and career plans. Answers to these questions help determine scholarship eligibility.

Research Local Scholarships First

The smaller the geographical area a scholarship covers, the better your chances of winning.

Contact the State Department of Higher Education –Almost every state has a scholarship program for residents—awards may limit to students who attend college in-state.

Look at large national scholarships such as Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), National Merit, Gates Millennium, Intel Science, Coca-Cola, etc.

systematic approach cont
Systematic Approach (cont.)

Check Membership Organizations and Employers

Organizations of all types and sizes sponsor scholarships(religious, community service, fraternal, military, union, & professional)

And don\'t forget parents. Many large companies offer scholarships or tuition programs for children of employees.

Don\'t overlook student jobs. Employers like fast food chains, department stores, and supermarkets often give scholarships.

Use a Free Scholarship Search Service

A scholarship search company collects information on hundreds of awards and compares student characteristics with scholarship restrictions. Based on answers to a questionnaire, you will receive a list of possible scholarships.

systematic approach cont1
Systematic Approach (cont.)

Research Institutional Scholarships

The vast majority of all scholarship money is disbursed by colleges. Check out college websites, catalogs, and financial aid offices. Institutional awards can be offered on a university-wide basis, or within a particular college or major. Eligibility for such awards can be based on merit, financial need, intended major, ethnicity, or a variety of other factors.

You should never have to pay for scholarship information.

If you\'re asked to pay a fee for "exclusive" scholarship leads, there\'s a good chance your scholarship service is really a scholarship scam.

school community scholarships
School/Community Scholarships

Eastview Community Foundation

The application will be live on Naviance on February 1. The deadline to submit is March 3.

Eagan Foundation Scholarship

Eastview seniors who live in Eagan are eligible to apply.

at student home page in family connection pages scholarship process
At Student HOME Page in Family Connection:pagesscholarship process
state resources mn office of higher education paying for college www getreadyforcollege org
State Resources: MN Office of Higher Education – Paying for College
the ftc cautions students to look and listen for these tell tale lines
The FTC cautions students to look and listen for these tell-tale lines:
  • The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back."
  • "You can\'t get this information anywhere else."
  • "I just need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship."
  • "We\'ll do all the work. You just pay a processing fee."
  • "The scholarship will cost some money."
  • "You\'ve been selected" by a "national foundation" to receive a scholarship – or "You\'re a finalist" in a contest you never entered.
Video: MN Office of Higher Ed, MN’s Private Colleges, tptMNPaying for College:How MN Families Make it Happen