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FRUITS. FRUIT : A fully developed and ripened ovary containing seeds. GOAL : Seed Dispersal. *Ovary tissue stores carbohydrates & water *Pigment may change over time. I. TWO TYPES OF FRUIT. A.FLESHY. B. DRY. II. Fleshy Fruits. Fleshy fruits are those that are soft, juicy or meaty.

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FRUIT: A fully developed and ripened ovary containing seeds

GOAL: Seed Dispersal

*Ovary tissue stores carbohydrates & water

*Pigment may change over time




II. Fleshy Fruits

Fleshy fruits are those that are soft, juicy or meaty

Types of Fleshy Fruits:






A. BERRY: 1 or more seeds, thin skin, can be peeled off

Ex. Blueberry, cranberry, grapes, eggplant, peppers, tomato

NOTE: Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry are NOT true berries!!!!They originate from more than 1 pistil.

B. PEPO: a berry with a hard rind that can’t be peeled off

Ex. Pumpkin, squash, cantaloupe, melon, cucumber, gourds

C. Hesperidium: berry with a leathery skin, containing oils and rind

Ex. Orange, tangerine, lime, lemon

D. POME: (False Fruit)Fleshy part is from the receptacle; true ovary is the core

Ex. Apple and Pear

E. DRUPE: single seed enclosed in a hard pit

Ex. Peach, apricot, plum, cherry


  • Wall of mature ovary is dry

  • Fruit is without soft flesh

  • Classified according to whether they split open when ripe

A. Dehiscent Fruits

  • Split open when ripe

  • 1. Follicle: milkweed

  • 2. Legume: beans and peas

  • 3. Capsule: poppies, snapdragon, lillies

B. Indehiscent Fruits

  • Dry fruits that DO NOT split open when ripe

    1. Achene: sunflower,dandelion

Indehiscent Fruits Cont.

  • 2. Samara: maple, ash (winged fruits)

  • 3. Grain: wheat, corn, barley, rye

Indehiscent Cont.

  • 4. Nut: acorn, hazelnut, hickory

  • Many nuts are not nuts!!!

  • Peanut=legume

  • Walnut, pecan, coconut, almond=drupes

IV.Aggregate Fruits

  • Formed from a single flower with more than one ovary

  • Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry

Strawberry: Aggregate

V.Multiple Fruits

  • Forms from a cluster of flowers

  • Ovaries fuse together to form 1 fruit

  • Pineapple, osage orange, mulberry

Review…Use your notes to identify the following fruits.

Regions of a Fruit

  • Exocarp: skin

  • Endocarp: inner boundary around seed

  • Mesocarp: fleshy tissue between endocarp and exocarp

  • Pericarp: all 3 regions

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