The magic flute
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The Magic Flute. Chapter 2 The golden bird. Let’s recall what happened in the last chapter.

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The Magic Flute

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The Magic Flute

Chapter 2

The golden bird

Let’s recall what happened in the last chapter.

There was a young Chinese boy called Chang. He loved to play the flute. All people loved Chang and his music. Chang used to take care of the Emperor’s sheep. The Emperor was angry because Chang lost one of his sheep. He broke Chang’s flute into two pieces and told him to go away and never come back.

Let’s start reading Chapter 2

You are going to have a few minutes to read pages

7, 8 ,9 and 10

So the one sheep we see on p.7 is the lost sheep. So now we know that Chang didn’t lose the sheep but the Emperor tricked Chang and hid one sheep away from Chang’s flock.

Do you remember how many sheep did the Emperor say Chang lost in chapter1?

Why do you think the Emperor tricked Chang?

Because he was jealous of Chang because everybody loved Chang and his music more than they loved him. He thought by sending Chang away the people will love him again. But do you think this will really happen??

While the Emperor was walking home, he saw a golden bird perching on a high branch of a tree as we can see on p.8.

He wanted to have that bird in his palace

so he can hear its beautiful songs


The Emperor asked his three sons to

come and see him.

He asked his three sons to catch the golden bird for him.

He promised to give the valuable silver sword to whoever will catch the golden bird.

The Emperor’s sons were greedy.

The eldest son was called Jing, it was his turn to try to catch the golden bird.

Read chapter 2 again

  • Answer pages 4 & 5 in workbook


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