Business In Nevada Requires Nevada Registered Agent
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Business In Nevada Requires Nevada Registered Agent - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When thinking of growing and expanding the business, all businessmen once in a while think of going to the state of Nevada. Visit..

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Business In Nevada Requires Nevada Registered Agent

When thinking of growing and expanding the business, all businessmen once in a while

think of going to the state of Nevada. Housing one of the world’s most successful

entertainment capital, Nevada has always been on the list of businessmen in the United

States of America. However, it is not that easy to set up a branch or your business in the city

of Las Vegas. Unlike, other “easy on the businessmen” states, Nevada has strict rules for the

business and requires them to fulfil each and every law that has been set by the state.

The rules of incorporation are same for almost all states and the business present in them.

However, the statue where they differ is Statute 78.105. This statute requires the business

to retain a Nevada certified and approved registered agent. The Nevada registered agent

is responsible for all the process and documentation of the Nevada corporation to which it

is retained. One of the most basic requirements of the incorporation law in Nevada, it is in

the hands of the registered agent to make the presence of the company viable in the eyes of

the law and the public.

Having a Nevada Registered Agent on board means

that you will be able to hand deliver the articles to

the state and make sure that your business legal

articles do not leak or taken advantage of. A

Nevada registered agent would also work with the

IRS and make sure that your business has all the

tax paid and reimbursed where it should be. A

registered agent is paid annually.

It is in the job requirement of the agent to receive

the legal papers, civil complaints, subpoenas and more on the behalf of their clients.

Various companies often face severe action for not retaining an agent. With various

documents lost in the mail, many businesses fail to respond to the legal documents and

hence, face a variety of consequences such as cancellation of sanctions, entry of judgment

against the business, and the requirement that they pay attorney fees. If you are from a

different state, you’ll have to make sure that you fulfil the foreign registration in the state of


Compared to other states of the United States of America, incorporating a business in

Nevada means that you don’t have to pay the state corporate or franchise taxes and with

the state policy of not divulging the information to the IRS, many businesses earn high

amounts of profits.

If you are a Nevada registered agent for any corporation in the state, you have to be a

resident of the state where the business has set up for the incorporation. With other

professionals working for the business such as paralegals, accountants, lawyers and more,

a registered agent has to pay a fee so that they can operate. Make sure that your

documents as a Nevada registered agent are all up to date and in sync with the new state

rules and regulations.