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1950s. KOREAN WAR: Support South Korea to help stop the spread of communism USSR supported North Korea War that ended up with very little change from when it started Many people killed, many thought it wasn’t worth it!.

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1953: Color television started Communist within the US but never showed any evidence at all.

Elvis Presley emerged as one of the most popular singers of the 1950s. He served in the military as well. His sound was known as rock & roll….or known as rockabilly.

Entertainment: American Bandstand became the top musical performance show that was on television.

Ted Williams: professional baseball player with the Boston Red Sox, served as a pilot in both WWII & Korea

Jim Brown was one of footballs best running backs. Standing 6'2" and 230 pounds he was an imposing figure. While he played he earned the rushing title every year except one and never missed a game.

The 1 Red Sox, served as a pilot in both WWII & Korea st franchised McDonalds was built in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1954.

1953: The 1st Corvette was produced entirely by hand, and was limited to 300 at first. The cost was $3498 for the base price, but options for a heater or radio were available .

Oct. 1950 brought the first Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz….which did not include Snoopy!

Hula hoops emerged in the 1950s, although some sort of hoops had been used for many years before. It got its name from soldiers that saw the dance of the people of the Hawaiian islands.

The Cat in the Hat Schulz….which did not include Snoopy! was written by Dr. Seuss in 1954.

*Baby Boom: Many kids were born in the 1950s, as soldiers came home from WWII. Many families put off having kids during that time period until they had become more stable financially.

*Cars & roads improved to greatly help transportation.

*People were starting to become more free & open with their sexuality, not as conservative as in previous years.

*Family activities increased: drive in movies, amusement parks, etc.

*Race & class issues were everywhere, teenage rebellions increased

*Gender issues were fairly strict—men worked, women at home with the kids/taking care of house, etc.