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Verbs, adverbs

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Verbs, adverbs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Verbs, adverbs . Action Verb. Tells what someone or something is doing or thinking . Example: Rain pounded against the roof . Example : Morgan suspected that basketball practice would be cancelled . Action Verb Brainstorm. Board brainstorm. Choose 3.

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Presentation Transcript
action verb
Action Verb
  • Tells what someone or something is doing or thinking.
  • Example: Rain pounded against the roof.
  • Example: Morgan suspected that basketball practice would be cancelled.
action verb brainstorm
Action Verb Brainstorm
  • Board brainstorm.
  • Choose 3.
  • Three most creative sentences in three minutes.
  • Share.
linking verb
Linking Verb
  • Connects a word at the beginning (usually the subject) with another word at the end.
  • Usually, a form of the ‘to be’ verb: is, are, am, was, were, am being, can be, have been, etc.
  • Example: I am a teacher, and you are students.
linking verb activities
Linking Verb Activities
  • Two sentences describing yourselves. Use linking verbs.
helping verbs
Helping Verbs
  • Added to main verb to make a single verb phrase.
  • Often a ‘to be’ verb.
  • Example: Young people should drive carefully.
  • Example: We are eating chicken biscuits for breakfast.
helping verb activity
Helping Verb Activity
  • Write two sentences using at least one helping verb and the main verb shown below.
    • Sizzle.
    • Snort.
action vs linking vs helping
Action vs. Linking vs. Helping
  • Complete the verb practice WS.
  • In plenary?
  • Modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.
  • Often, but not always, ends in –ly.
  • Example: …talk quietly…
  • Example…dark green car…
  • Example…walks very quickly…
  • Example: Marina is tired because she slept fitfully.
  • Example: Lauren prefers to use the hot pink highlighter.
  • Example: Brendan swings the bat very forcefully.
  • When describing a verb:
    • Where? When? How? To what extent?
    • The 8th graders marched noisily across the quad toward the cafeteria.
  • When modifying an adjective or another adverb:
    • To what extent?
    • Nashville has been extremely humid this summer.
adverb practice
Adverb Practice
  • Create sentences using using…
    • …‘very’ as an adverb
    • …‘sleepily’ as an adverb
    • …choose your own adverb
journal verbs adverbs
Journal: Verbs, Adverbs
  • TOPIC: Think of an activity that you are good at – e.g. playing video games, playing a sport, riding horses, building furniture, painting or drawing, etc. – and then explain to someone, in detail, how to do it.
  • Use and underline at least…
    • 5 action verbs in red
    • 2 linking verbs in blue
    • 2 helping verbs in green
    • 3 adverbs in orange