How to make ca h fast when you really need it
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How to Make CA $ H Fast When You REALLY NEED IT PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Make CA $ H Fast When You REALLY NEED IT. a guide for internet marketers. REALITY CHECK. You need cash FAST …like now (rent, bills, etc) Here’s the dilemma…normal internet marketing strategies won’t work SEO = Too Slow Niche Websites = Too Slow Clickbank = Too Slow

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How to Make CA $ H Fast When You REALLY NEED IT

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How to Make CA$H Fast When You REALLY NEED IT

a guide for internet marketers


  • You need cash FAST…like now (rent, bills, etc)

  • Here’s the dilemma…normal internet marketing strategies won’t work

    • SEO = Too Slow

    • Niche Websites = Too Slow

    • Clickbank = Too Slow

    • Any form of Affiliate Marketing = TOO SLOW



None of the typical internet marketing strategies are going to work for you in this situation…

…because you need money NOW

…SOOOO, you are going to have to approach this problem DIFFERENTLY

Desperate times call for desperate measures…


  • YOU are an internet marketer

  • YOU have a number of skills that “typical people” simply do not possess

  • YOU have an advantage over the average broke person

  • YOU don’t have to worry…

You’re not going to have to ”donate” Plasma or visit the “Sperm Bank”

…because there are several easy ways for savvy Internet Marketers to use their skills to make quick cash online

Did you catch that?

Quick cash using the skills you


…But before we get to that


  • YOU need to take stock of your current situation. Determine where you are and where you need to be.

  • Ask yourself a couple of questions:

    • How much money do you have?

    • How much money do you need?

    • How soon do you need it?

The answers to these questions will determine just HOW DRASTIC your next actions will NEED to be

I’ve been making money online since October of 2000, and things are going pretty well for me now…

I may not be a millionaire, but let’s just say I haven’t regularly set my alarm clock in several years

I work when I choose and from where… usually at this little café a couple blocks from my place in San Francisco

But believe me, it wasn’t always easy

I had some serious struggles to overcome

I remember one day scouring my entire apartment for pocket change, just so I could put a measly gallon of gas into my crappy motorcycle to get to my crappy job

I walked several miles to work that day. I couldn’t even afford a bus ticket.

I remember driving without car insurance. I remember going YEARS at a time without health insurance.

Late Rent. Maxed out credit cards.


Do you know how much it sucks to have your credit card declined while you’re in line for groceries? I do.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I know what it’s like to need money SO badly…RIGHT NOW

…and I know that this is a critical moment and you don’t want to waste any time going down the wrong path

What you need are FAST strategies to make you QUICK cash to get you back on your feet right away

I was recently asked by one of my email subscribers what I would do if I lost everything and had to start over again from scratch.

Well, first things first, I would do whatever I could to put a little cash in my pocket

I would use tried and tested strategies that have worked for me in the past to make me quick cash

…because sometimes all you need is a little cash to get the ball rolling again

In fact, there are several strategies that have worked for me time and time again when I was in an absolute bind… broke with little to no money and very few options

I have compiled these strategies together for you in a collection of concise, easy to follow video tutorials

So of course, the question comes down to price…

How much should I charge for such valuable information?


Well let me ask you this…

If you had to put a price on it…

How much ispeace of mind worth to you?

The bottom line is… these strategies work

And I know what I could charge…

But that doesn’t really matter…

Because like I said…


I know what it’s like…

And I want to HELP you

So here’s what I’ve decided to do…


I would like to offer you all 5 strategies





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