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OBJ. 2.05 Measuring Techniques. Liquids Dry Solids. How to Measure Liquid Ingredients. Use a liquid measuring cup, which is usually a clear cup, plastic or glass Place the cup on a counter.

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OBJ. 2.05 Measuring Techniques

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OBJ. 2.05Measuring Techniques




How to Measure Liquid Ingredients

  • Use a liquid measuring cup, which is usually a clear cup, plastic or glass

  • Place the cup on a counter.

  • Bend down to eye level with the cup, and slowly, start pouring the liquid. Stop when it reaches the needed amount.

How to Measure Dry Ingredients

  • Dry ingredients are: flour, baking soda, baking powder, powdered or confectioner’s sugar

  • First, sift the dry ingredients, if the recipe calls for it

  • Second, spoon the dry ingredients into the measuring cup

  • Third, level the dry ingredients with a knife or spatula.

How to Measure Solid Ingredients

  • Solid ingredients are brown sugar, shortening, mashed sweet potatoes or pumpkin

  • First, spoon the ingredient into the dry measuring cup, press down (pack) with the spoon, then level.

How to Measure With Measuring Spoons

  • You must follow the same guidelines as with measuring cups.

  • Never measure dry ingredients with a heaping measuring spoon. Always level the ingredient.

  • Pay attention not to use Tablespoons for teaspoons and vice versa. There is a big difference between the two.

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