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Objectives . Introduce you to Operational Status at a Glance'Introduce you to OPERA- Theatre Management System and it's Visual toolsExplain how these link to The Productive Operating Theatre' TPOT Describe how GG

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Operational Status

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1. Operational Status/ Visual Management in Theatres Jacquie Campbell General Manager Theatres & Anaesthetics GG&C

2. Objectives Introduce you to ‘Operational Status at a Glance’ Introduce you to OPERA- Theatre Management System and it’s Visual tools Explain how these link to ‘The Productive Operating Theatre’ TPOT Describe how GG&C are using these tools Describe the benefits of this approach and how they relate to the Quality Strategy

3. TPOT Improvement modules

4. What is Operational Status at a Glance? Core element of TPOT – The Productive Operating Theatre Use of ‘Visual Management’ process and systems Supports individual theatres and the effective management of the entire theatre suite ‘Real time’ operational status Provides opportunity to eliminate blockages Outcome is a safe, well controlled, efficiently planned theatre environment

5. Key Elements Theatres are ready to go Ensures equipment is available and working Right staff in the right place Lists start and stop on time No avoidable cancellations No unnecessary delays Increased visibility of theatre safety, quality and operational management

6. Visual Management Process Who needs the information What type of information Why it’s needed and how it will be used When and how often the information is updated How often the information is reviewed Processes are in place to use the information effectively Use OPERA to maximise efficiency and effectiveness using ‘real time’ technology

7. Visual Management System- OPERA IT ‘Visual Management’ solution Aligned to TPOT Scheduling and ‘Operational Status at a Glance’ Supports real time evaluation and audit of theatre performance Enables effective revisions and re-planning to maximise efficiency Embedding Lean methodology using PDSA and the ‘3 second rule’

8. Visual Mgmt in Action – ‘weekly’ scheduling

9. Visual Mgmt in Action – ‘on the day’ scheduling

10. Weekly Scheduling and Planning Benefits Delivering our Quality Ambitions - Safe, Effective, Timely & Efficient Improved theatre processes through the introduction of visual management ‘At a Glance’ picture of list compilations. Supports ‘time allocated’ scheduling to maximise list utilisation Accessible, timely information enables gaps to be filled Supports effective resource allocation Reduces waste - capacity, resource and time

11. Intra-Operative Management Consul Real time theatres at a glance ‘Day Starts’

12. Intra-Operative Management Consul Real time theatres at a glance – ‘Mid Day’

13. Operational Status at a Glance Re-allocation of resources based on actual activity Improved Patient Flow by removing blockages Corrective actions are immediate and responsive Underpins SPSP and embeds ‘Productive Series’ TPOT framework Creating measurable improvement, increasing reliability and real time responses Delivering GGC’s Quality Strategy

14. Real Time Experiences “The visual element of the intra operative module has been very beneficial within the Recovery environment.  It allows quick and efficient assessment of what stage each theatre are at thus faciliating forward planning of skill mix and staff management throughout the day.” “The intraoperative management module is very helpful when co-ordinating a number of theatres.  It allows for real time assessment of the entire department ensuring prompt identification of late starts;  potential over runs and highlighting any delays throughout the day.”

15. Discussion Session Discuss OPERA and TPOT potential, opportunities and constraints Consider how this might develop in your area, similarities, differences? Share your thoughts and experience

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