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Georgia. What do you know about your state?. Of course you know the capital city is__________________. ATLANTA. Big regal plantations homes were best know in the __________________ period. ANTEBELLUM. In what part of Georgia are you?. Georgia Coast/Barrier Islands.

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What do you know about your state?

Big regal plantations homes were best know in the __________________ period.


In what part of Georgia are you? __________________ period.

Georgia Coast/Barrier Islands

All the Union troops were imprisoned here in The Civil War: __________________ period.

Andersonville, GA

The Georgia Coast was known for growing what crops? __________________ period.


Sea cotton


Where you would have to go in Georgia to maybe see snow - __________________ period.

North Georgia Mountains/Appalachians

The biggest tourist attraction now in Georgia - __________________ period.

Georgia Aquarium

Did you know the flower of Georgia is the - __________________ period.


You’ve all heard his name or even been at his school, but if you know this guy, you really are up on your Civil War history!

Charles Henry Smith

aka: Bill Arp

The highest point in the state is at 4,784 ft. if you know this guy, you really are up on your Civil War history!

Brasstown Bald

Not a fancy bird, but it is our state feathered friend - if you know this guy, you really are up on your Civil War history!

Brown Thrasher

This river is a controversial subject when it comes to supplying water to GA, AL, and FL

Chattahoochee River

Believe it or not, these are relatives of one of the Indian groups that lived in Georgia.


I was surprised that the state flower didn’t really look like what I thought it would!

Cherokee Rose

The inventor didn’t make any money on this great idea because of patent problems!

Eli Whitney – Cotton Gin

In what region would you find this crop grown? because of patent problems!

Coastal Plain

Name either one of the nicknames for the state of Georgia because of patent problems!

The Peach State or The Gateway to the South

The site of the first gold strike in the United States because of patent problems!

Dahlonega, Georgia

One of the Atlanta Braves most famous players - because of patent problems!

Hank Aaron

This former governor and president is from Plains, Georgia - Octoberfest -

James “Jimmy” Earl Carter

This was an import from China to try and help the erosion problems.

Kudzu! It can grow up to 2 ft. a day they say and cover a house or car if left too close!

The largest manmade lake in Georgia (2 problems.nd in US) and the state fish that can be caught there -

Lake Lanier and Large-mouth Bass

These trees were used for ship building in problems. early Georgia and found on the coast.

Live Oak

This city in South Georgia is famous for this sweet tasting vegetable that you could eat like an apple -

Vidalia, Georgia

Which direction is this mountain scene from Atlanta? vegetable that you could eat like an apple -


What intercardinal direction is the swamp area of the Coastal Plain from Atlanta?


Name these products exported from our state - Coastal Plain from Atlanta?

Pine, Peanuts, Pecans

This was the guy that came from England to establish the 1 Coastal Plain from Atlanta? st colony -

James Oglethorpe

Where you often see these nocturnal mammals - Coastal Plain from Atlanta?

Run over on the side of the highway

What is the state song and who is the fellow singing it - Coastal Plain from Atlanta?

Ray Charles – “Georgia on my Mind”

Savannah and William T. Sherman Coastal Plain from Atlanta?

What’s the city and who is the guy that decided not to burn it to the ground -

The leaders of the Confederacy on Stone Mountain - Coastal Plain from Atlanta?

Robert E. Lee Stonewall Jackson Jefferson Davis

The city where you will find this guy hanging out - Coastal Plain from Atlanta?


This crop is called by some a “death weed.” Coastal Plain from Atlanta?


Name the place and the group that had a revival there in the 1920s.

Stone Mountain and the Ku Klux Klan

Name the place and what the dome is coated with - 1920s.

Georgia Capitol Building and Dahlonega gold

References/Sources: 1920s.