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白天的月亮 想與日爭輝 The moon in daylight Wants to challenge the sun. 中國諺語 Chinese adage. 文字取自於:張忠謀 Words from: Zhang Zhongmou. 攝於陽明山 Taken at Yangming Mountain. 關於 『 金錢 』 About “MONEY”. 有了錢 $ With money$ 你可以買到房子 但買不到一個家 Y ou can buy a house But you can’t buy a home.

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中國諺語 Chinese adage

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The moon in daylight

Wants to challenge the sun

中國諺語Chinese adage


Words from: Zhang Zhongmou


Taken at Yangming Mountain

關於『金錢』About “MONEY”

有了錢 $With money$你可以買到房子但買不到一個家You can buy a houseBut you can’t buy a home

有了錢 $With money$你可以買『時鐘』但買不到『時間』 You can buy a clockBut you can’t buy time

有了錢 $With money$你可以買一張『床』但買不到充足的『睡眠』 You can buy a bedBut you can’t buy enough sleep

有了錢 $With money$你可以買一本『書』但買不到『知識』 You can buy a bookBut you can’t buy knowledge

有了錢 $With money$你可以買到醫療『服務』但買不到『健康』 You can buy medical treatmentbut you can’t buy health

有了錢 $With money$你可以買到『地位』但買不到『尊重』You can buy a footingBut you can’t buy respect

有了錢 $With money$你可以買到『血液』但買不到『生命』You can buy bloodBut you can’t buy life

有了錢 $With money$你可以買『性』但買不到『愛』You can buy sexBut you can’t buy love

這個來自『荷蘭的諺語』會帶來『幸運』This adage from Netherland will bring you luck

這個諺語已經環繞世界八次現在是你得到『幸運』的時候This adage had been spread around the world for 8 times and now it is your turn to get luck

這不是一個玩笑你的『幸運』會來自郵件或網路This is not a jokeYour luck will come by mails or internet

在四天之內把這個諺語傳給真正需要『幸運』的人Send this adage to those who need luck indeed within 4 days

康斯坦於 1953 年收到這個,『訊息』然後叫他的秘書傳送給 20人4 天後他中了一億元彩票Constan received this message in 1953, he asked his secretary to send it to 20 people. 4 days later, he won a 100 million lottery.

卡洛斯收到同樣的『訊息』但沒有傳別人結果他在 4 天後被辭退工作不久,他改變主意把個訊息傳給了別人最後變得富有Caroes received the same message but he didn’t send it to anyone else. He was fired in 4 days. He changed his mind shortly and sent this message to others. In the end he became rich.

在 1967 年貝魯收這個『訊息』後取笑它數天之後他的兒子病倒了In 1967, Beiru received this message but laughed at it. A few days later, his son got sick.他立刻把這個『訊息』傳給20人9天後他收到好消息他的兒子痊癒了He sent this message to 20 people immediately and good news came in 9 days that his son was healed.

這個『訊息』是由南非的傳教士ANTHONY DE CROUD寫的This message was written by missionary ANTHONY DE CROUD from South Africa

在 4 天內將這『訊息』傳遞給別人Send this message to others within 4 days

由你把這『訊息』傳送給別人開始的 4 天後你的『幸運』便會降臨In 4 days after you sent this message to others, your luck will arrive

這是真的!這訊息會傳播『幸運』『幸運』最終會降臨在你門前It is true!This message will spread luckLuck will come to you finally

這個『訊息』傳給二十個朋友或親人接下來的一天你便會收到一個好消息或意外驚喜Send this message to 20 friends or relations, you will receive a good news or surprise the coming day.

我希望這個『訊息』會流傳於世界各地Ihope this message will spread all over the world.

把這『訊息』傳給20人『幸運』便會發生Send this message to 20 people.Luck will surely come.

IMPORTANT:DonotmodifytheTEXTthat I sentyou, copyitexactlythewayyougotit.GOOD LUCK ! J.A.B.

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