Intro to game design spring 200 6
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Intro to Game Design Spring 200 6. Hyuck rea, Rho – Auburn University. Trend in Design & AI. Game Design trend Western VS Eastern What kind of AI ?. Games (Western). Trend (Western). Mostly Arcade, Sports game (Console) Mostly Strategy, Shooting (PC)

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Intro to game design spring 200 6
Intro to Game DesignSpring 2006

Hyuck rea, Rho – Auburn University

Trend in Design & AI

  • Game Design trend

  • Western VS Eastern

  • What kind of AI ?

Trend (Western)

Mostly Arcade, Sports game (Console)

Mostly Strategy, Shooting (PC)

Exciting, Fast, and Stimulating

Challenging, Realistic game

Mostly Complicate to handle

Age 18 – 35 is the primary target consumer

Consumer Belt is getting older and older


  • Strategic, Tactical (Fuzzy) is most popular

  • Reasonable behavior is required

  • “Luck” and “Unpredictable” is Accepted

  • Do 10 Get 4~16 (Who knows?)


Strategic AI –

Strategic AI is the player's true opponent. If you're playing a game, then the Strategic AI controls the opponent. If you're playing the game from the opponent' point of view, you go up against AI controlled Your elements. What makes Strategic AI different from most other AI theory is that challenging, realistic game play requires a high degree of coordination among the non-player characters.

Ideally, Strategic AI should be good enough to make people feel like they're playing against a human opponent who acts and reacts dynamically. For example, if the AI controls the opponent, it might send out a man to look for an open escape route. When the Strategic AI makes a decision, it passes the information down to the individuals involved. Then it's up to the Tactical AI to determine how (and if) the individuals carry out their missions.


Tactical AI -- Tactical AI gives units their individual personality and intelligence. It tells them how, when, and whether to perform advanced behaviors

Fuzzy logic is applied to the highest level tactical AI.

The key criterion for fuzzy sets is that elements can have partial membership, not just all or none.

Optimal strategic game play should allow you to experiment and get creative with your solutions, not play "guess what the designer was thinking."

Trend (Eastern)


DMMT (Don’t make me think)

Easy to play (Up, down, left, right, space)

Free to use ( make money with contents, not game itself )

14 million / 48 million

$ 12 million / Month

Age 8 – 55 is the primary target consumer (already old)