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ICOM – Training Malaria Trainers (TMT) Standing Committee on Public Health

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ICOM – Training Malaria Trainers (TMT) Standing Committee on Public Health - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Vision… … Local Action!. ICOM – Training Malaria Trainers (TMT) Standing Committee on Public Health International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations March 6 2006, Pucon, Chile. The Project. IFMSA Campaign on Malaria (ICOM) – Training Malaria Trainers (TMT)

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Presentation Transcript

Global Vision…

… Local Action!

ICOM – Training Malaria Trainers (TMT)

Standing Committee on Public Health

International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations

March 6 2006, Pucon, Chile

the project
The Project
  • IFMSA Campaign on Malaria (ICOM) – Training Malaria Trainers (TMT)
  • IFMSA AM 2006, Serbia, pre-GA workshop
  • International Organising Committee
facts and figures
Facts and Figures
  • 2.3 billion people at risk
  • 300 million cases
  • 2.7 million deaths
  • Africa, Asia, Americas
  • Importance in MDGs
contact details organisation
Contact Details Organisation
  • International Coordinators
    • External Affairs and Partnerships (Ayodeji Adewunmi, Hanne Heggland)
    • Internal Affairs (Valerie Cote)
  • Director Human Resources
    • IFMSA Committees (Mari Sipila)
    • Medical Students Worldwide/Training Director
  • Director Finances
  • Director Projects (Reza Nosrani)
  • Director Communications
    • Official Publications (Jenny, UK)
    • Webmaster (Florian Stigler)
executive summary
Executive Summary
  • Hold a Training Malaria Trainers Workshop at the pre-GA in Serbia
  • Speakers, trainers, panel discussion, interactive sessiosn, lectures on malaria
  • Expand the ICOM network in order to ultimately train on malaria all medical students worldwide going to endemic countries
  • August 2001, Denmark : IFMSA Policy Paper on Malaria is drafted on the occasion of the 50th General Assembly
  • October 2003 : IFMSA Campaign on Malaria is born
  • March 2004, Venezuela : Blueprints of the Campaign are laid at the March Meeting following discussions of a small working group on malaria
  • December 2004, Ghana : First African Regional Training on Malaria takes place at the African Medical Students’ Training Congress
  • July 2005, Egypt : First International Workshop on Malaria takes place and permanent working teams are defined to lead the campaign
  • February 2006, Santiago, Chile : Second International Workshop on Malaria
  • Clinical exchanges :
    • Medical students are often ill-prepared for their electives abroad in endemic countries
    • Goal : Empower students with clinical skills and teaching methods to make a difference in the communities visited
    • Result : A worldwide network of students tackling down malaria

Organise a “Training New Trainers” Type of Workshop on Malaria as a pre-GA, Serbia, August 2006

NMO Delegates attending pre-GA on malaria

Going back to their countries, organising malaria training in national meetings

Local officers bringing back malaria knowledge and material to their universities

Organisation of a mandatory training session on malaria (Epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, educational tools)


  • Vision: A world with efficient malaria control
  • Mission: Make medical students worldwide active participants in achieving efficient malaria control
  • Goals:
    • 1) Educate medical students worldwide about malaria
    • 2) Equip medical students worldwide with skills to become active participants in achieving effective malaria control
proposed schedule
Proposed Schedule

Day 1: Introduction to the ICOM TMT Pre-GA

History of Malaria

Motivation, guest speakers

Day 2: Icebreaker (playing with equipment, i.e. mosquito nets)

Lecture on Microbiology and transmission of Malaria

Lecture on research by an external speaker


Lecture on campaigns

Lecture on the economics of Malaria

Panel discussion (SC)

proposed schedule1
Proposed Schedule

Day 3: Icebreaker

TMT: Gaining training skills through practical exercises

Cross cultural lectures

Role of national coordinators/TMT trainers (SWG)

Presentation of results from SWG´s

Day 3/4: Discussion of the future of ICOM



  • A world with efficient malaria control
  • Make medical students worldwide active participants in achieving efficient malaria control
  • 1) Educate medical students on malaria and equip them with skills to actively participate in achieving malaria control
  • Arrange a three-day workshop on malaria consisting of lectures, discussion panels, small working groups, and trainings in both presentational skills and in the equipment used in malaria prevention.
  • Recruit participants to become malaria trainers in the ICOM campaign and setting up similar workshops in their own NMOs.
  • Timeline: This workshop, called Training Malaria Trainers (TMT) will take place at the pre-GA of the 56th General Assembly of the IFMSA, in Serbia from 28th – 31th July 2006.
  • Present ICOM and current projects on malaria prevention.
  • Lectures on:
    • Basic microbiology of malaria
    • Transmission
    • History
    • Economics of malaria
  • Guest speakers on:
    • In field experience of malaria by MSF or RC
    • Current research on malaria
    • Cross cultural lecture by WHO
  • Panel discussions between representatives of the Standing Committees of IFMSA.
  • TMT: Training presentational skills for future trainings on malaria by TNT-team of IFMSA.
  • Demonstration of equipment used in malaria-control, i.e. insecticide treated nets by WHO
  • Workgroup on how to enable medical students to convey the message of malaria control to local communities in endemic countries of the world.
  • Present participants with written material on malaria and malaria prevention provided by WHO.
  • Encourage participants to set up a similar workshop in their own NMOs.
  • Discussion of the future of ICOM.
  • Evaluation.
preparations to the tmt
Preparations to the TMT
  • Preparations to the TMT will include gathering informational material (leaflets, books, posters) and equipment used in malaria prevention (insecticide, insecticide treated nets) from WHO.
  • Creating a CD with the resources used in the TMT: Powerpoint presentations, in-depth material, training-material – to enable participants to set up a similar workshops in their NMOs.
  • Educated malaria trainers (max 20 from different NMOs).
  • National coordinators committed to the ICOM-campaign.
  • Questionnaire at the end of the workshop
  • Post-workshop meeting for the IOC
  • Online feedback mechanism for training done at the university level
  • WHO / RBM
  • Fundraising
  • World Swim