How american pop culture invaded the world
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How American Pop Culture Invaded the World. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How American Pop Culture Invaded the World. . Christina Kopka. The United Nations of America?. America’s prominence in the global theater has expanded beyond trade and economic influence; our culture is everywhere

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How American Pop Culture Invaded the World.

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How american pop culture invaded the world

How American Pop Culture Invaded the World.

Christina Kopka

The united nations of america

The United Nations of America?

  • America’s prominence in the global theater has expanded beyond trade and economic influence; our culture is everywhere

  • Advances in technology and transportation have lit the fire that is the spread of Americanization.

  • The multicultural aspect of American allowed an inclusive culture to develop while spreading throughout the world.

  • “The promise of a particular form of individualization provides the explanation why American popular culture finds so much resonance in other societies where it has taken hold almost without resistance (mostly carried by a young generation trying to escape tradition).” -Winfried Fluck

Its easy

Its easy….

  • W. Fluck uses the example of music to describe the phenomenon of American cultural spread.

  • “…the shift to the priority of pictures and music created a “universal” language, not limited to a particular community.”

  • Thus the American culture stuck its foot in the door of the globe and has been expanding ever since.

America in the middle east

America in the Middle East

  • Mixed levels of acceptance cause conflict between fundamentalists and “secularists”


Cultural conflict

Cultural Conflict…

  • Teenagers are most influenced the most by American pop culture through shows on channels like MTV

  • Most teens stray away from their traditional Arabic clothing and language to adopt American styles and phrases

  • Jeans and Converse are copied rather than traditional clothing

  • Middle Eastern culture is traditionally conservative but clashes with the “liberal” culture of American tradition.

  • Traditions taken from America are not necessarily good ones: copy skanky clothing over American Work ethic

How american pop culture invaded the world

  • This also causes conflict between the traditional older generation and younger “Western” generation

  • These older generations view these western influences as “ruining” the traditional Middle Eastern Culture

  • Traced back to western occupation of Egypt (Britain for 72 years)

  • US culture is not accepted because of bitterness directed at the Iraq War and Israeli involvement

How america got into europe

How America got into Europe

  • American culture became prominent in Europe after World War II

  • Specifically we began “exporting” our culture during the Cold War at a time when the Russians were promoting Communism

  • The Fulbright Exchange Program allowed for a great number of cultural exchanges

  • The common knowledge of English throughout Europe allowed American television, music, and literature to be widely accepted

How about now

How about now?

  • European teenagers are renewing their identities and pulling away from the American traditions

  • Many view the American dream as “stereotypical” and are working to become distinctly “European”

  • Advances from cable television to digital and satellite transmissions have diversified culture:

    • “Now, we have satellite television and cable stations and video rentals that allow us to see more things, from many different places. The result is a kind of fragmentation, with the proliferation of styles and music and fashion that are completely different from what you would see in America.” – Michael Collin

How american pop culture invaded the world

  • Although MTV is still a prevalent American staple in European entertainment, it presents European performers to its public

  • “Europeanization of MTV underscores what some analysts regard as a kind of new cultural fusion, in which pop cultural trends imported from America are increasingly reworked and recast and then replayed, with a distinctive European spin.” – The New York Times

  • The underground music scene with European teenagers consists of intense techno and “rave” music not prevalently seen in the U.S.

America in asia

America in Asia

  • WWII and America’s involvement in countries like Japan opened the door to American pop culture

  • The recovering Asia picked up on a new, fresh culture offered by America

    • Asian culture is prevalent now within the United States

    • Currently America is picking up on trends from Asia, specifically Japan

How the tables are turning

How the tables are turning

  • Japan is now a leader in design and technology

  • This is carrying over into the United States in many ways

  • Manga is a form of Japanese cartoon that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States

  • Cultural practices such as Tae Kwon Do or Kung Fu are becoming American household names



  • Many nations are beginning to turn on American culture and way of life to pursue their own identities as individual nations

  • In such a diverse world, many are looking to identify with their culture of origin in a new modern way

  • Previously, being “modern” was synonymous with being American but now the young generations are inventing new and fresh cultures for themselves based on their own culture

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