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Senior clinical scheduling
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Senior Clinical Scheduling. Basic Terminology. Required Rotation – graduation requirement Acting Internship (AI) - General Categories M,A,I,S - 4 weeks each - Phase I Electives total of 16 weeks - Phase II Scholars’ Week two 1 week each - SWISH SW 5 scheduling found on web

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Senior Clinical Scheduling

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Senior clinical scheduling

Senior Clinical Scheduling

Basic terminology

Basic Terminology

  • Required Rotation– graduation requirement

    • Acting Internship (AI) -General Categories

      M,A,I,S - 4 weeks each - Phase I

    • Electives total of 16 weeks - Phase II

    • Scholars’ Week two 1 week each-SWISH

      • SW 5 scheduling found on web

        • Huntsville - Medicine & Surgery in Ia or Vb - SW attached

        • Birmingham –28-404 through 28-411 in Ia or Vb - SW attached

    • OFF– Oin Phase I indicates non AI activity

  • Courses -Approved rotations listed in Senior Course Catalog. Research & visiting electives require special approvals and scheduling.

Sub blocks


Ia July Ib Aug

IIaSept IIb Oct

IIIa Nov IIIb Dec

IVa Jan IVb Feb

VaMar Vb April

VIa May Graduation!

F ourth y ear s cheduling h elper fysh

Fourth Year Scheduling HelperFYSH

  • Similar to, but not the same as WISH.

  • A computer program designed to assist in planning a “career goal oriented” 4th yr.

  • Approved Career Advisors in each discipline are required for your planning.

Senior clinical scheduling

  • Review:

    • catalog for campus / hospital site

    • catalog for prerequisites.

    • decide times needed OFF for interviews and study

  • Completeentire worksheet.

  • Obtain Career Advisor’s signature – turn in to Scheduler – your entry will not be recognized by FYSH without this information

Career advisor

Career Advisor

  • Meet with Approved Career Advisor

  • Take Academic Summary & Advisor Approval

  • Discuss Lottery, AIs & Electives

  • List in order of preference

  • Ranksub-blocks in order of preference



  • Looks at specific course preferences (multiple categories) requested for ranked sub-block

  • Lottery does not affect other Phase I entries

  • Difference in Phase I & II ? they look at ranked times and then attempt scheduling in prioritized category lists

Phase i

Phase I

  • AI scheduling and “reserving” time for electives and time off by using O

  • Listmultiple courses for each category

  • Rank sub-blocks in order of priority

Phase i entry

Phase I Entry

Changesmay be made to entry until deadline

First 7 requests for OFF are guaranteed

Each sub-block - you must prioritize and list

all 5 categories in order of preference

(example MISAO, OSIAM)

Phase i1

Phase I

Signed approval has to be given to your

scheduler before FYSH Phase I deadline.

Retain a copy of Career Advisor Approval


Home Campus & B’ham Scheduler

will retain a copy and refer to it during the


Phase ii

Phase II

Replace OFFwith electives, interview time, time off, & SW5


Do not schedule a course during interviews.BIG Mistake!

Reminder – a maximum 2 days “time off” (with departmental approval!) allowed during a 4 week rotation

Scholars week 5

Scholars’ Week 5

  • Go to SWISH entry screen to schedule

    • Separate from FYSH

    • June 11,2004 firm deadline for student designs

  • Don’t forget!

    B’ham 28-404 through 28-411 in Ia or Vb automatically schedules a SW in 5th week

    Huntsville’s Medicine & Surgery AIs in Ia or Vb automatically schedules a SW in 5th week

Visiting electives

Visiting Electives

  • FYSHreserves time for an away elective

  • Applicationsare processed by your scheduler, who obtains signatures, seal, etc. & retains a copy

  • Acceptance Letteris given to your scheduler - who manually enters the course into the system

    • Do not assume it is scheduled because you have acceptance!

  • International with no Exchange Student Affiliation Agreement, andnon-LCME domestic rotations require an approval request procedure. Allow 4 to 6 weeks after you have submitted the paperwork.



  • Prior to scheduling any research, your scheduler and April Boyd,, must have received departmental CHAIR approval, with name of preceptor, short title of work, and dates.

  • This can be done via e-mail.

  • Entry is manual.

Final thoughts

Final Thoughts

  • During the academic year:

    • Career changes can be facilitated

    • Approved Career Advisor can be changed

    • Schedule adjustments can be made when needed

    • Do not request schedule changes less than 60 days from the begin date

      • Less than 60 days incurs a fee drop = $30 add = $15

  • Questions:

    • on course ranking ask your advisor

    • other questions ask your campus scheduler

    • Entry problems with FYSH program or screen - call MEIS

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