Project management inspections and reviews
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Project Management Inspections and Reviews PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project Management Inspections and Reviews. 1 February. What you should be doing. Update web site and functional spec per meeting Write a draft contract Post on web email me when you have it done and I will give you feedback as soon as possible

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Project Management Inspections and Reviews

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Project ManagementInspections and Reviews

1 February

What you should be doing

  • Update web site and functional spec per meeting

  • Write a draft contract

    • Post on web

    • email me when you have it done and I will give you feedback as soon as possible

    • Signed contracts due next week. You do not need to schedule a special meeting with clients to sign

Contract Content

  • Key goals and requirements

  • Deliverables

    • Deliverable dates (milestones)

    • Software

    • Testing

    • Documentation (user, administrative, maintenance)

  • Client responsibilities

    • Meetings (when and with whom)

  • Constraints, risks and dependencies

  • What needs to be included

  • Template

Project Management Tools

PERT Charts

Gantt Charts

PERT Charts

  • Critical path analysis or method

    • Program Evaluation and Review Technique

    • Also known as activity networks

  • Developed by Navy in 1958

  • Three stages:

    • Planning (tasks and sequence)

    • Scheduling (start and finish times)

    • Analysis (float and revisions)

  • Two different models

    • Activities are nodes (most common) or arcs

Pert Chart Activity Box

Pert Charts

CPM: Critical Path Method

  • Alternative to PERT

  • Dupont 1957

  • Graphical view of project

  • Predicts time required to complete

  • Shows which activities are critical to maintaining the schedule

Identify the specific activities and milestones.

Determine the proper sequence of the activities.

Construct a network diagram.

Estimate the time required for each activity.

Determine the critical path.

Update the PERT chart as the project progresses.

Specify the individual activities.

Determine the sequence of those activities.

Draw a network diagram.

Estimate the completion time for each activity.

Identify the critical path (longest path through the network)

Update the CPM diagram as the project progresses.

Planning: PERT and CPM

Gantt Charts

  • Milestone charts

  • Invented by Harvey Gantt in 1916

  • Advantages

    • Less detailed

    • Amenable to management overlays

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart with Overlays

Scheduling Steps and Tools

  • Put together minimal solution

    • Primary requirements

  • Start with external commitments

    • Product descriptions

    • Milestones from contract

  • Introduce internal milestones

    • Work breakdown structure

    • Product Flow

    • PERT Chart, Gantt chart

  • Focus on the risks

    • Risks from contract

  • Add next level of features where possible

    • Secondary requirements

Project Plan for this project

  • Use simple Excel spreadsheet (or equivalent)

What you should be able to tell from your project plan

  • What is Joe working on this week?

  • Who can help me if I run into trouble?

  • If I have to choose an activity to be late, which one will impact the project more?

Software Sources

  • Open source tools:


Reviews and Inspections

Reviews and Inspections

  • Why?

    • Developer can’t correct unseen errors

    • More eyes to catch problems

    • Earlier is cheaper

      • Integration fix typically 3-10 times the cost at design

  • Difference in terms

    • Review implies completed work, often reviewed by someone at a different level

    • Inspection implies peer review of work in progress


  • Introduced by Michael Fagin in 76 (IBM Systems Journal)

  • Formalized process

    • Specific roles and steps

    • Heavy preparation and follow-up

  • Used for documents and code

Will you review or inspect?What will you review or inspect?How will you review or inspect?

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