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“ My favourite singer ” Completed by: Usachova Dasha School №2, 10 th form Viculovo LEADER : Markova O.U. Amy Lynn Hartzler — The vocalist of group Evanescence. The biography.

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“My favourite singer”Completed by:Usachova DashaSchool №2, 10th form ViculovoLEADER:Markova O.U.Amy Lynn Hartzler— The vocalist of group Evanescence

the biography
The biography

Has grown in Littl-fate in a musical family. The father, John Li, the DJ on local radio. Emi have sisters of Kerry and the Lory and brother Robbie. Her brother is sick of an epilepsy, Emi is the representative of the National center of an epilepsy. The third sister has died at the age of 3th years of illness, and Emi has devoted it songs «Hello» and «Like you» and for this reason doesn\'t execute them at concerts.


From 9 years learned to play a guitar, the professional pianist — about fifteen years has devoted to training at music school. Studied in Pulaski Academy till 2000. At school sang in chorus and played performances. By a recognition of Emi, in the senior classes it has been simply mad about study. Went to school with profound studying of art and held there a post of the head of school chorus. A hobby: the fine arts and conducting diaries. If Emi didn\'t become popular, it would finish musical institute, composer faculty and would began to write music for films (that, actually, doesn\'t prevent to do to it it and now).


Group founders — the vocalist Amy Lynn and the guitarist Ben Moody. They have got acquainted in summer camp of Christian youth in 1994 when it was for 13 and 14 years accordingly.


Amy has got acquainted with Ben Moody in summer camp when she was 13 years old. He has heard, as she played the piano, was delighted and has approached to get acquainted. First they met, then there was simply creative union.


The first mentions about Evanescence concern the middle of 1990th years. Such songs as «Give Unto Me» and «Understanding», and then «My Immortal» and «Haunted» have been written then, last two were written by Ben


«Music — one of the most important things in my life. I piously believe that employment by creativity — the best therapy for your soul for this reason I urge to be engaged the admirers in creation.


When you create something is and there is an original life. And when you create something so real as music, you feel worthy, realized».


The person, power, creativity

Madly talented, exhaling megahertz of the mad power from which admirers enter into ecstasy at concerts, the girl of unusual beauty is all about the permanent vocalist of group Evanescence, Amy Lee …


The essence of music of group Evanescence and its vocalist Amy consists in a thin side between melodious modulations of the piano and sharp transition to resounding basses of guitars.

The aggressive game of group accompanied by a strong and passionate vocal of Emi, in a combination to the deep texts of songs penetrated by struggle in private world of the person, do group by unique and recognized listeners on all globe.


Naked soul

In this person first of all admires how much it is far from show business vanity, especially now, becoming the person of a world fame, in her eyes fire of soul, humanity, good, and thirst of life still burns. Admirers Amy Lee love it not only for powerful music, but also for its sights at show business.


Namely: Lee doesn\'t hit in commerce, doesn\'t think only of how to earn on the talent money. It simply does the favourite work, without being lost in turmoil of a modern rhythm of life where everyone, aspiring to earn as much as possible, forgets about that, what for he in general has started to practise music.



The majority of sketches for concert suits Lee does independently. Usually she puts on corsets performance, grids, long skirts and leather boots. Amy it is possible to convict of absence of sense of style, having looked at some shapeless dresses. However that such sense of style in comparison with fidelity to the sights, uniqueness of an image and how it presents herself? In the person so loving the employment, and possessing such boundless charm and talent to seize public at concerts, it is necessary to fall in love, once becoming the witness of all of it.


Besides the basic employment — works with group, at Lee are also other hobbies. Very few people knows that it is fond of painting. According to the singer, weigh its house it is filled by pictures in the spirit of a fantasy or abstractionism but while she didn\'t think to expose them on public. However doesn\'t give up thought to embody it in the future, having organized art show.


«I love the business, and is glad that my music finds the response in the hearts of people. I write songs only that I had to worry in life and if my admirers really appreciate my creativity this all that costed. But it is impossible to forget that I am a usual person. I don\'t possess extraordinary abilities.


All of us ordinary people — we live, and we are a part of the life each other. And it concerns the people sick of an epilepsy, including. When you look at me offstage, you can\'t distinguish me from other people. The same and with sick of an epilepsy. When you see them out of attacks, they operate and live as well as we — they also a part of our life, and we — their part».


«Music — one of the most important things in my life. It helps me in all. It helps me to be understood. She forces me to cry, become angry, feel happy, — everything, everything. I piously believe that employment by creativity — the best therapy for your soul for this reason I urge to be engaged the admirers in creation…

…When you create something, for example, music is and there is an original life. And when you create something so real, you feel rather worthy, realized person» …