Hi!  I am Sharon.  I have many friends.  They can do many things.  Let’s go to see what they can d...
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26 個魔音仙子 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hi! I am Sharon. I have many friends. They can do many things. Let’s go to see what they can do. 26 個魔音仙子. This is a little a nt. The a nt is brown. This is a little brown a nt. A a Aa 、 Aa 、 Aa , / $ / 、 / $ / 、 / $ / , A a 、 / $ / ant 螞蟻. 發音的其他例子. I am a b ear.

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26 個魔音仙子

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Hi! I am Sharon. I have many friends. They can do many things. Let’s go to see what they can do.



A a aa aa aa a a ant

This is a little ant.

The ant is brown.

This is a little brown ant.

A aAa、Aa、Aa,/$ /、/$ /、/ $ /,A a、 / $ /ant螞蟻



B b bb b b b b b b b bb b bear

I am a bear.

It is a bear.

Teddy Bear,Teddy Bear stands up.

Ben has a blue bear.

B bBb、Bb、Bb,/b/、/b/、/b/,Bb 、 /b/bear熊


B b發音的其他例子

Cc cc cc cc k k k cc k cat


Cat eats fish.

I have a pink cat.

CcCc 、Cc 、Cc,/k /、/k /、/k /,Cc、 /k /cat貓


It is a cute dog.

My sister has a big dog.

The dog does’t eat bone.

D dDd、Dd 、Dd,/d /、/d /、/d /,Dd、 /d /



Ee ee ee ee e e e ee e elephant

This elephant has long nose.

Eva sits on elephant’s back.

There are many elephants in Thailand.

Ee Ee 、Ee 、Ee ,/e /、/e /、/e /, Ee、 /e /、elephant大象

F f f f f f f f f f f f f f frog

This green frog can jump.

Green frog changes into a prince.

There are some dots on frog’s back.

F f F f、F f、F f,/f /、/f /、/f /, F f、 /f /frog青蛙

Gg gg gg gg g g g gg g gorilla

That big black gorilla is in the zoo.

Gary and gorilla are good friends.

I am scared of gorilla.

GgGg 、Gg 、Gg,/g /、/g /、/g /,Gg、 /g /gorilla大猩猩

H h hh hh hh h h h h h h hippo

Hippo has a big mouth.

Hippo,hippo,go go go!



H h Hh 、Hh、Hh,/h /、/h /、/h /, H h、 /h /hippo河馬

I i ii ii ii 0 0 0 ii 0 iguana

I am scared of iguana.

It is an iguana.

I i Ii 、Ii 、Ii ,/0 /、/0 /、/0 /,Ii、 /0 /、iguana

J j jj jj jj di di di jj di jaguar

Jaguar can run fast.

Jaguar live in Africa.

J j Jj 、Jj、Jj ,/dI /、/dI /、/dI /, Jj、 /dI /、jaguar

K k kk kk kk k k k kk k kangaroo

Kangaroo can jump up high.

There’s a baby bag before her stomach.

K k Kk 、Kk 、Kk ,/k /、/k /、/k /, Kk、 /k /、kangaroo

Ll ll ll ll l l l ll l lion

It is a brave line.

“King Lion” is a good film.

LlLl 、Ll 、Ll ,/l /、/l /、/l /, Ll、 /l /lion

M m mm mm mm m m m mm m monkey

Three little monkey is jumping on the bed,one fall off,and bump his head.

M m Mm 、Mm 、Mm ,/m /、/m /、/m /, Mm、 /m /、monkey

N n nn nn nn n n n nn n newt

What is newt?

The newt eats mosquitoes.

N n Nn 、Nn 、Nn ,/n /、/n /、/n /, Nn、 /n /、newt

O o oo oo oo o o o oo o octopus

Octopus has eight legs.

It is a cute octopus.

Octopus can swim well.

O o Oo 、Oo 、Oo ,/o /、/o /、/o /, Oo、 /o /、octopus

P p pp pp pp p p p pp p penguin

It is a small penguin.

The penguin walks slow.

P p Pp 、Pp 、Pp ,/p /、/p /、/p /, Pp、 /p /、penguin

Q q qq qq qq q q q qq q quail

It is a quail.

It is a small quail.

Q q Qq Qq Qq ,/q /、/q /、/q /, Qq、 /q /、quail

R r rr rr rr r r r rr r raccoon

Raccoon has black eyes.

This raccoon can dance and sing.

R r Rr Rr Rr ,/r /、/r /、/r /, Rr、 /r /、raccoon

S s ss ss ss s s s ss s seal

S s Ss Ss Ss ,/s /、/s /、/s /, Ss、 /s /、seal

  • I like seal.

  • This seal can play ball.

T t tt tt tt t t t tt t turtle

T t Tt Tt Tt ,/t /、/t /、/t /, Tt、 /t /turtle

  • Turtle turtle turtle crawl crawl crawl.

  • This turtle run very slow.

U u uu uu uu k k k uu k umbrella bird

U u Uu Uu Uu ,/K /、/K /、/K /, Uu、 /K /、umbrella bird

  • Umbrella bird is not an umbrella.

  • This umbrella bird can fly high.

V v vv vv vv v v v vv v vulture

V v Vv Vv Vv ,/v /、/v /、/v /, Vv、 /v /vulture

  • Vulture likes to eat little chick.

  • I’ve never seen a vulture in Yilan.

W w ww ww w w w w w w whale

W w Ww Ww ,/w /、/w /、/w /, W w、 /w /、whale

  • The sound of whale is so strange.

  • Whale is the biggest animal in the world.

X x xx xx xx ks ks ks xx ks x ray fish

X x Xx Xx Xx ,/ks /、/ks /、/ks /, Xx、 /ks /、x-ray fish

  • Have you ever seen

    x-ray fish?

Y y yy yy yy j j j yy j yak

Y yYy Yy Yy,/j /、/j /、/j /, Yy、 /j /yak

  • It is a yak.

  • I like this small yak.

Z z zz zz zz z z z zz z zebra

Z z Zz Zz Zz,/z /、/z /、/z /, Zz、 /z /zebra

  • Zebra-stripe crossing is pedestrian.

  • Zebra is horse.

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