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лектор: Борислава Палева. Galin Iliev MCT MCPD MCSD.NET. http://www.galcho.com. for administrators. Agenda. What’s new in IIS7? IIS7 for IT Pros Demos Explore new tools Tracing enhancements View live requests. Proven Scale Microsoft.com - 10k Req /sec & 300K Connections

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лектор:Борислава Палева

Galin Iliev



for administrators


  • What’s new in IIS7?

  • IIS7 for IT Pros

  • Demos

    • Explore new tools

    • Tracing enhancements

    • View live requests

Iis 6 today a proven platform

Proven Scale

Microsoft.com - 10k Req/sec & 300K Connections

Match.com 30 million page view daily


Proven Security

No critical IIS 6 hotfixes since RTM

as of 5/20/07

Proven Trust

54% of Fortune 1000 use IIS (port80software.com)

A solid foundation to build on.

IIS 6 Today : A Proven Platform

What s missing in iis 6
What’s missing in IIS 6

  • Metabase corruption and replication issues

  • Too few options for site administration

  • Failures are too difficult to troubleshoot

  • Not (enough) flexibility for customizations

Iis7 requirements
IIS7 Requirements

  • Windows Server 2008

  • Windows Vista

    • Pro (Ultimate, Enterprise & Business)

    • Home Premium

    • Starter

  • Security by Default

    • Opt-In Modular Architecture

    • Enhanced Process Model

    • Building on IIS 6.0 Rock Solid Security Legacy

  • Manage with Ease

    • Rich Suite of Administration Tools

    • Delegated and Remote Administration

  • Lower Infrastructure Support Costs

    • Arsenal of Productive Administration Tools

    • Fully customizable

  • Work Smarter – Save Time

    • Powerful Diagnostics Capabilities

    • Shared Web Server Configuration

  • Reduced default installation

    • Smaller attack surface by default

  • Install Only What Your Infrastructure Requires

    • +40 setup components to choose from

    • Patch only the modules you install

  • Conserve Runtime Resources

    • Reduce worker processes in memory

    • Reduce number of intra-process events

  • Add or replace modules to provide custom features

  • Intuitive Redesign of IIS Manager

    • Rewritten to be more task-oriented

      • Context-Sensitive ’Actions’ Pane

      • Tabs are replaced with icons

    • Allows IIS and ASP.NET configuration

    • Completely extensible; written in WinForms

  • Write Scripts to Automate Complex Tasks

    • NET API: Microsoft.Web.Administration

    • Use Vbscript/Jscript against a new WMI Provider


  • Easily Administer from the Command Line

    • One, consolidated tool: AppCmd.exe

Demo 1

  • Imporved IIS Manager

  • AppCmd

Moved from Metabase.xml (and .bin) to ApplicationHost.config

File based configuration improves manageability

XML – integrate with XML readers and APIs

Config can be copied to other servers

Easier to read

Facilitates backup, restore and editing

You now have choices about how to manage IIS configuration

Delegated Administration

Shared Configuration

  • IIS 7 Configuration System

  • Delegation of configuration to non-Administrators

  • XCopy Deployment of configuration along with content

  • Single configuration store for the entire Web Platform

  • Rich extensibility

  • Clean, schematized XML configuration files

Site RootWeb.config

.NET Framework

Global web.config


<system.web>.NET settings




<system.webServer>IIS7 Delegated settings


ASP.net global settings

NET global settings



Global settings and location tags

Delegated administration

Delegate control to site owners

Site owners control designated settings without elevated server privileges

Delegated settings written to Web.config files

Site and/or application level

Shared with ASP.net configuration

XCopy deploy configuration and content

Granular control over delegated settings allows precise locking

Example: Require Windows Authentication - let site owner control turn on/off Basic.

Delegated Administration

Shared configuration

All web servers can share a single applicationhost.config

Eliminates configuration replication in a web farm

Easily stage and rollback config changes

All administration tools are redirected to a common UNC path

Does not replicate content

Shared Configuration

  • IIS Manager has built in remote administration capabilities

  • Terminal Services or Admin web site not required

  • Clients are IIS Manager from XP, 2003, Vista and Longhorn

  • Uses the WMSVC service (Windows Service)

Requires Management Service be installed in Server Manager

Tracing and diagnostics

View Detailed Errors in the Browser

New errors provide prescriptive guidance

Access Runtime State Info in Real-Time

New APIs expose all runtime diagnostic information

Ex. See all currently executing requests

Rapidly Troubleshoot Faulty Applications

Rules define ‘failures’ that triggers report of pipeline events

Define by http result code and/or time taken

Configurable per application or URL

Quickly identify bottlenecks

Developers can add custom events

Tracing and Diagnostics

Application support
Application support

  • .NET 3.5

  • .NET 2.0 – direct support

  • .NET 1.1 – actions required

  • .NET 1.0 – not supported

  • ASP 3.0 – direct support

Demo 2
Demo 2

  • Trace Failures

  • Explore configuration

  • Setup new web application

  • Explain shared configuration

  • Display request under WCAT load