The necklace
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The Necklace. By Guy de Maupassant. Characters. Protagonist – Mathilde Loisel Antagonist – life Minor flat characters – Mr . Loisel Jeanne Forestier. Setting. Paris , France around 1885. Plot . Mr. Loisel was a clerk for the Department of Education.

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The necklace

The Necklace


Guy de Maupassant


  • Protagonist –

    • MathildeLoisel

  • Antagonist –

    • life

  • Minor flat characters –

    • Mr. Loisel

    • Jeanne Forestier


  • Paris, France

  • around 1885


  • Mr. Loisel was a clerk for the Department of Education.

  • His wife thought she should have been born rich.

  • When invited to a ball, she did not want to go because she felt she had nothing to wear.

  • She told her husband that she needed 400 francs to buy a new dress.

Plot con t
Plot con’t.

  • Her husband had saved 400 francs to buy himself a gun, but he gave the money to her.

  • After the dress was made, Mathilde had a new reason not to go to the ball: she had no jewelry.

  • First, her husband told her to buy flowers, but that was not good enough.

  • Then, he told her to borrow jewelry from a rich school friend Madam Forestier.

  • Matilde borrowed a beautiful diamond necklace.

Plot con t1
Plot con’t.

  • Mathilde had a wonderful time at the ball, but her joy turned to despair when she realized that she had lost the necklace.

  • Although they searched everywhere, they did not find it.

  • Mathilde told her friend that the clasp had broken, and she needed time to get it repaired.

  • Now they searched the city for a matching necklace.

  • The one they found cost thirty-six thousand francs.

Plot con t2
Plot con’t.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Loisel sold what they had and borrowed money to pay for the necklace.

  • They lived lives of wretched poverty until they day that the necklace was finally paid for.

  • Meeting her school friend, Mathilde told her of all her suffering and the loss of the original necklace.

  • Her friend Jeanne was shocked because the necklace was an imitation that cost only 500 francs.


  • Situational irony – what happens is the opposite of what you expect.

  • The reader does not expect the necklace to be a fake.


  • Be content with what you have.


  • Sad


  • What was Mr. Loisel’s job?

  • How much money did Mrs. Loisel say she needed for a new dress?

  • For what purchase had Mr. Loisel saved this much money?

  • What excuse did Mrs. Loisel give her friend for not returning the necklace?

  • What is the irony of the story?

  • What is the theme of the story?