Livescribe smartpens ease student transition from the classroom to the board room
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Livescribe Smartpens Ease Student Transition from the Classroom to the Board Room - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Livescribe Smartpens Ease Student Transition from the Classroom to the Board Room. July 12, 2012. Holly DeLeon Vice President, Education Livescribe Inc. Livescribe ’ s solution. 1. Smartpen & Paper. 2. Livescribe Desktop. 3. Send and Share. Cindy Jepsen

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Livescribe Smartpens Ease Student Transition from the Classroom to the Board Room

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Livescribe Smartpens Ease Student Transition from the Classroom to the Board Room

July 12, 2012

AHEAD 2012

Holly DeLeon

Vice President, Education

Livescribe Inc.

Livescribe’s solution

1. Smartpen & Paper

2. Livescribe Desktop

3. Send and Share

AHEAD 2012

Cindy Jepsen

Arizona State University

AHEAD 2012

Arizona State University (Tempe)Disability Resource Center

  • 1200 students; 25%LD, 25%ADD, 25% DM

  • 7 Disability Access Consultant’s working directly with students

  • Testing Accommodation Center

  • Alternative Format Production Department

  • Trio Student Support Services Program

  • Assistive Technology Lab fully staffed

AHEAD 2012

How did I hear about the Smartpen?

  • From a student during an accommodation appointment

  • Researched online, called the local rep

  • Long term loan of a pen

  • Started using and sharing the Pen with students/staff

  • Trio Student Support Services purchased 75 pens

AHEAD 2012

ASU Tempe Trio Program

  • Serves 270 students, disabled, low income, first generation

  • Equipment loan program: 75 (120) Smartpens, laptops, software

  • Individual Academic Tutoring

  • Academic Advisement

  • Peer Mentoring

  • Success Prep Workshops

  • Assist in funding the Assistive Technology lab

AHEAD 2012

Who do I introduce the Smartpen to?

  • Students with Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, psychiatric, medical (carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis), physical disabilities (CP, MS)

  • If note taking is a requested and supported accommodation

  • If note taking is an issue but not requested

  • If note taking is not supported but student could benefit from the Smartpen

  • Students who have relied heavily on human note takers

AHEAD 2012

How do I introduce the Pen to a new student?

  • Demo a previous pencast from my notebook

  • Record a pencast with the student watching

  • Refer them to the web site

  • Refer them to YouTube videos

AHEAD 2012

Referral Process

  • Disability Access Consultants

  • Assistive Technology Lab referrals

  • Trio staff

  • Self referrals/word of mouth

AHEAD 2012

Check Out Process

  • Pens are numbered and recorded in data base

  • Serial Numbers are recorded in data base

  • Pens are packaged in zip lock bags with USB cable and quick guide

  • Check out is by semester but renewed for the year as needed

  • All pens are returned each summer for maintenance

  • If the Pen is damaged/lost he/she will pay the reimbursement cost

AHEAD 2012

Initial Training

  • Take prior knowledge inventory

  • Overview of pen parts & accessories

  • Overview of paper features

  • Recording & Playback

  • Mock PowerPoint lecture with student using Smartpen

  • Tips & Tricks

AHEAD 2012

Follow up Training

  • Review current progress with pen usage

  • Livescribe Desktop: on computer and on web

  • Livescribe Connect: Facebook, Evernote, email, Google

  • Tips & Tricks

AHEAD 2012

Tips & Tricks

  • Copy PowerPoint to dot paper

  • Search feature

  • Calculator

  • Printing dot paper

  • iPad app

  • Handwriting Recognition via MyScript

  • Import to Kurzweil; use study tools

  • B/VI population; Talking Tactile Pen Technology:

AHEAD 2012

MyScript for Livescribe

Export to Email, Word, NotePad

AHEAD 2012

Livescribe with Kurzweil

AHEAD 2012

Excuses for not using the Smartpen

  • I am a terrible note taker

  • I can’t spell

  • I can’t listen and write at the same time

  • I’m not technology savvy

  • I don’t have a computer

AHEAD 2012

Concurrent use of Human note taker and Smartpen

  • For students who are resistive to technology

  • For students who are dependent upon a human note taker

AHEAD 2012

Student Note takers vs. Smartpen

  • Students are people too!

  • They’re going to take down what they think is important

  • They’re going to make mistakes; they’re not perfect

  • Smartpen puts the control back on the SWD

  • Smartpen enhances independence in the SWD

  • Smartpen promotes lifelong skill development

  • Smartpen aids in the transition to the workforce

AHEAD 2012

Sample Accommodation Letter

Please accept this letter as verification that _____is registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and has provided DRC with disability documentation, in accordance with ASU Policy STA 402-03- Eligibility for Accommodations- Required Disability Documentation, which is on file with our office.

This student is eligible for services for this semester and may require academic support accommodations in your HON 171 #72716 class.

Please discuss any concerns or questions with the student and don’t hesitate to contact me at 965-1232, for further clarification or verification of appropriate accommodations.

The accommodation most appropriate as it pertains to your class is digital recording during lectures and the use of a Livescribe Smart Pen for taking notes.

If you would like more information about DRC, including faculty resources, policies and procedures, referring a potential student to our office, specific disability information etc., please visit our web site at:

AHEAD 2012

Professors who resist Digital Recording


  • Digital Recording is an auxiliary aid, Sec. 12103, 1.C.

  • Sec. 1282, 2.A. iii: a failure to take such steps as may be necessary to ensure that no individual with a disability is excluded, denied services, segregated or otherwise treated differently than other individuals because of the absence of auxiliary aids and services, unless the entity can demonstrate that taking such steps would fundamentally alter the nature of the good, service, facility, privilege, advantage, or accommodation being offered or would result in an undue burden

AHEAD 2012

Smartpen usage results to date

  • Cost savings: human note takers cost $75-$100 semester

  • Time savings: human note takers cost DAC and administrative time

  • Student independence: there is no price to pay for independence

  • Workforce readiness: human note takers will be costly in the workforce if even available

AHEAD 2012

Cindy Jepsen

Arizona State University


AHEAD 2012

Paul Hippolitus

UC Berkeley

What Students Are Saying…

My name is Shannon LeBlanc and I am a third year undergraduate student studying Biology-Mathematics at the University of New Brunswick here in Canada. The Livescribe Smart Pen was recommended to me by my neurologist and I have been a faithful user now for two years.

I am now a Student Ambassador for UNB's Student Accessibility Centre and I have been recommending the Smart Pen to numerous university students with various disabilities from short term memory or amnesia, to deafness in one year.

I myself have benefited greatly since I have started using the Livescribe Smart Pen. I was always an A+ student, then I had an unfortunate accident in which my memory lacked its ability to retain information like I used to. Furthermore, I was no longer able to multitask, making taking notes in class very difficult. But when I began using the Livescribe Smart Pen I was able to take notes during my lectures and then listen to the lectures later that evening to recall what we learned. The Livescribe Smart Pen was the perfect study tool for a university student like myself.

Sincerely,Shannon Rose LeBlanc

What else can you do with a smartpen?

Pencast PDF

DSS and Student Benefits

Institution and Educators Benefits

Livescribe Contact Information

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