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Green Advisory Board is made up of 5 commission appointed members - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Green Advisory Board is made up of 5 commission appointed members. Teddy Bohanan Patricia Chukerman Paul Fetscher Terry Hale-Hicks 1 open seat. Our Mission.

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Green advisory board is made up of 5 commission appointed members
Green Advisory Board is made up of 5 commission appointed members

  • Teddy Bohanan

  • Patricia Chukerman

  • Paul Fetscher

  • Terry Hale-Hicks

  • 1 open seat

Our mission
Our Mission members

  • The Green Advisory Board’s mission is to educate the residents and businesses of the best practices for recycling, water conservation, and energy conservation to minimize the carbon footprint and create a sustainable environment.

The city and cras sustainability projects and initiatives
The membersCity and CRAs Sustainability Projects and Initiatives

  • Citywide Solar lighting

  • LEED Gold Certified Public Library

  • Green Parking Garage with Charging Stations

  • Agreement to get B-Cycle for bike sharing stations

  • Rescue Lines on US-1

  • Green Building incentives for development

  • Reclaim of water plant effluents-Cleaner water, saves money

  • Pilot Program for LED office lights-City Commission Chambers

  • Recycling in City Hall

  • Recycling in City overall

  • Linear park designer with xeriscaping

In honor of the 42 th anniversary of earth day the green advisory board came up
In honor of the 42 membersth Anniversary of Earth Day, the Green Advisory Board came up…….

42 ways residents can go green in dania beach
“42 Ways Residents can Go Green in Dania Beach” members

1. Bring your own bags to the grocery store.

2. Shop close to home.

3. Turn off appliances and lights when you aren’t using them.

4. Plant trees that will block summer heat in order to make cooling your home easier.

5. Use greener cleaners (baking soda will clean just about anything).

6. Get off junk mail lists!! Register at

7. Bike, walk, or use public transit.

8. Slow down while driving!!! Drive at 60-65 to maximize fuel efficiency (and live longer).

9. Carpool and combine trips when running errands and driving to work.

10. Buy shade-grown coffee.

11. Eat what’s in season!

12. Switch to a reusable coffee filter.

13. Start a conversation about “going green” wherever you are.

14. Cancel your phone book delivery.

15. Don’t charge your cell phone overnight.

16. Reuse your plastic bags.

17. Install low-flow shower heads.

18. Make a compost pile from grass clippings.

19. Recycle everything safely!

20. Decorate responsibly by using eco-friendly items (check out dump

anything into storm drains

21. Make your toilets low-flow by putting a filled 1 Liter bottle in the toilet tank.

22. Bring lunch to work in reusable containers.

23. Fix leaking faucets and valves!!

42 ways residents can go green in dania beach cont
“42 Ways Residents can Go Green in Dania membersBeach” (cont.)

24. Buy low VOC paint and donate the leftovers (find local reuse programs at

25. Don’t use paper towels to dry your hands. What a waste!! (use cloth)

26. Install dimmers or motion sensors for your lights.

27. Fill up your freezer. The more stuff in there, the less airspace there is to keep cold.

28. Donate and purchase used clothing to a charitable organization and get a tax write-off.

29. Buy in bulk to avoid excess packaging.

30. Spend more time outside instead of trying to stay cool inside. (Be a human)

31. Seek out reclaimed wood furniture!

32. Ask businesses what they’re doing to be greener; they’ll respond.

33. Choose reusable items rather than disposable.

34. Beauty products can be organic too. Find them and buy them instead.

35. Collect rainwater and use it for your landscaping.

36. Prewash dishes only if you have to.

37. Seal your house!! (use expanding foam and caulking to seal in your air conditioning)

38. Purify indoor air with plants rather than artificial air fresheners.

39. Swap your items instead of buying new (use,, and

40. If you see litter, do the right thing and pick it up.

41. Bring used motor oil to a designated disposal facility. Advance Auto Parts (1750 Stirling Rd)

42. Most importantly; support your local green advisory board!

Tree giveaway event details
Tree Giveaway Event Details members

  • Saturday, April 21st 10:00am-12:00pm

  • City Center

  • Free trees to the first 200 residents

    • Seedling (Red Maple)

  • Free Coffee and Donuts

  • “mini expo” with local green companies

What s next
What’s next…. members

  • Citizen Education