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Project part-financed from the European union. GRIP- IT. G overnance of R egionally I ntegrated P rojects using I nnovative T ools. (Structural Funds implementation in an integrated approach ) EXPENDITURES INFO DAY FOR SUBPROJECT PARTICIPANTS UDINE 17th October. Regulation.

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Grip it

Project part-financed from the European union


Governance of Regionally Integrated Projects using Innovative Tools.

(Structural Funds implementation in an integrated approach)



UDINE 17th October


  • Commission Regulation (EC) No 438/2001 of 2 March 2001

  • INTERREG IIIC – Programme manual

  • Chapter 5 - Financial Framework


  • Basic rules
    Basic rules

    • Only cost related to the development of the subproject

    • They have to be occurred and paid out during the subproject realization:

      after 1.7.2006 and before 30.6.2007

    Ineligible expenditure i
    Ineligible Expenditure I.

    • VAT and other taxes and charges if these are legally recoverable

    • Any costs paid outside the eligible period of the operation

    • Expenditure which is already supported by a European, or other international or national grant

    • Service charges arising on finance leases and hire purchase agreements

    • Depreciationof assets purchased with the help of Government or European Community grants

    • maintenance of a capital facility

    Ineligible Expenditure II.

    • Financial expenses:

      • Loan charges

      • Debit interest

      • Charges for financial transactions

      • Foreign exchange commissions and losses

      • other purely financial expenses

    • Costs involved in closing the company,

    • Compensation for loss of office,

    • Fines, financial penalties and expenses of litigation,

    • Contingencies and contingent liabilities,

    • Bad debts


    • revenue received by an operation from e.g.:

      • Sales

      • Rentals

      • Services

      • enrolment fees or other equivalent receipts

    • reduces the total amount of eligibile expenditures!

    Subproject budget
    Subproject budget

    • Lead participant principle

      • Joint budget

      • Costs for the whole of the operation

      • Divided in 6-month periods (due to operation cash-flow)

      • Divided in Budget lines

      • Divided in Components

    Staff costs
    Staff costs

    • Personel costs

    • Salary, tax, employer’s contribution for nacional social security schemes

      • calculated in accordance with the national legislation

      • regular employment contracts

    • These costs must be certified on the basis of documents that are requiered by national auditor

    Administration costs
    Administration costs

    • all direct general costs (office rent, mail, fax, phone, copying costs, consumables, etc.)

    • and indirect general costs (overhead related to the operation’s activities, based on real costs and calculated on a pro rata basis according to a duly justified, fair and equitable method)

    • Overhead costs linked to the services provided by external experts must be listed in the budget line “External expertise”

    External expertise
    External expertise

    • costs paid on the basis of contracts and against invoices to external service providers who are sub-contracted to carry out certain tasks of the operation (e.g. studies and surveys, translation, management or audit of the operation if sub-contracted, etc.)

    • Public procurement rules must be observed in selecting a company or individual to provide external expertise

    • External expertise related to meetings and events, and promotion should not occur under External expertise but under the relevant budget lines

      • External expertise realated to meeting and events, organised by you Meetings and events

      • External expertise realted to promotion campaing of the subproject  Promotion

    Travel and accommodation
    Travel and accommodation

    • Cost related with participation in meetings and seminars

      • subsistence allowances, travel allowances

      • most economic way of transport must be used

      • Daily allowances and accommodation costs must be in line with the conditions set for public authorities of the respective Member State

    Meetings and events
    Meetings and events

    • costs related to the organization of meetings

      • renting of premises and equipment, interpretation, printing, etc.

      • paid on the basis of contracts with and invoices from external providers

      • public procurement rules must be observed in selecting a company or individual, which will carry out the assignment

    Promotion costs
    Promotion costs

    • press releases, inserts in newspapers, leaflets, TV shows, brochures, newsletters and other publication costs not linked to specific events or seminars

    • These costs shall be paid on the basis of the contracts with and invoices from the service providers

    • Public procurement rules must be observed in selecting company or individual, which will carry out the assignment

    • Investments

      • INTERREG IIIC isn´t focused on investment promotion

      • Purchases, construction work connected with the achievement operation objectives

    • Other eligible costs

      • relevant to the operation should be included in this budget line

      • specify the nature of these costs

    In kind contributions
    In-Kind Contributions

    • Only voluntary unpaid work is considered as an in-kind contribution

    • Staff costs, if properly accounted for and reported, are not considered as in-kind costs, but as cash contribution

    • For that reason in practice in-kind contributions do not play an important role in the financing of INTERREG IIIC operations

    Thank you for your attention

    Successful implementation of yoursubproject