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Seeing Guests Off

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LOGO. Seeing Guests Off. 致欢送辞. 作者: Valerie. Warm Up --- classical sentences 2. 1. Men love from overlooking while women love from looking up. If love is a mountain, then if men go up, more women they will see while women will see fewer men.

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seeing guests off


Seeing Guests Off



warm up classical sentences 2
Warm Up ---classical sentences 2
  • 1. Men love from overlooking while women love from looking up. If love is a mountain, then if men go up, more women they will see while women will see fewer men.
  • 男人的爱是俯视而生,而女人的爱是仰视而生。如果爱情像座山,那么男人越往上走可以俯视的女人就越多,而女人越往上走可以仰视的男人就越少。
  • 2. Good love makes you see the whole world from one person while bad love makes you abandon the whole world for one person
  • 好的爱情是你通过一个人看到整个世界,坏的爱情是你为了一个人舍弃世界.
new words
New words
  • Farewell [‘fɛə,wel] 告别
  • Comment [‘kɔment] 评价
  • Cooperation [kəu’ɔpə,reiʃən] 合作
  • Attraction [ə‘trækʃən ] 吸引人的景观
  • Satisfactory [,sætɪs\'fæktəri]令人满意的
  • Improve [ɪm‘pruv ] 促进
  • Appreciate [ə‘priʃɪ,et] 感激
farewell speech 1
Farewell speech 1
  • Hello, everyone. Time flies fast. We have to say goodbye now though we don’t want to. During your stay here, we have visited the best attractions. I hope you have enjoyed the trip and our service too. If there is anything that you feel less satisfactory, please let us know, we will improve it as soon as we can.
We highly appreciate your suggestions and comments. Thank you for your kind cooperation. Wish you have a pleasant journey back home. Please give my love to your family and friends. Hope to see you again soon. Thank you again.
Gracious [ˈɡreiʃəs]
  • Fortunate [\'fɔrtʃənɪt]
  • Opportunity [,ɔpə\'tju:niti]
  • Tribute [\'tribju:t]
  • Encouragement [ɪn\'kɝɪdʒmənt]
  • evaluation [i,vælju\'eiʃən]
  • Generous [\'dʒenərəs]宽宏大量的,宽厚的
a formal farewell speech 2
A Formal Farewell Speech 2

P:Hello, Mr. White, Ladies and gentlemen, time has come for us to say goodbye. Let me begin by saying how fortunate I feel to have the opportunity to serve as your guide.

I truly feel that my job can not be fulfilled without the understanding and support of wonderful people like you .

I want to pay a special tribute to Mr. White, the tour leader for his encouragement and his confidence in me . He offered me so much help in a gracious manner. Thank you so much.

I also want to say thank you to all of you , my dear friends. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. upon your arrival , we know little about each other.

Now I have got the feeling that our friendship has just begun, but we have to say good bye. It is my hope that you have enjoyed the trip as much I Had.
W: Thank you ,Valerie! You did a great job. We all had a very wonderful time. Let’s give Valerie a big hand.

P: Thank you . Before you leave, could you please fill out this form of evaluation for me? The comments and suggestions that you provide will be very valuable to help plan future tours.

C: Valerie, we really appreciate what you’ve done for us, here is a little something for your excellent job.

P: It is very generous of you. Mr. White. Thank you so much.



  • Now you are seeing your guests from America off, please bid a farewell speech to your guests and ask them to fill in the evaluation forms.