photoelectric beam detector
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Photoelectric Beam Detector

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Photoelectric Beam Detector. NRTM Series. 1. Outline. Dual beam detector NRTM series is a part of Red Barrier series. * 30m 60m 90m (Outdoor) range *Selectable 4 frequencies (4ch) *EDC (Environmental Discrimination Circuit). 2. Functions & Features.

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Dual beam detector NRTM series

is a part of Red Barrier series.

*30m 60m 90m (Outdoor) range

*Selectable 4 frequencies (4ch)

*EDC (Environmental Discrimination Circuit)

functions features
2.Functions & Features
  • Two Beams

(2) High Grade Spherical Fresnel Lens

① Sharp focused beam ray

(a) Allows 100 times sensitivity

(b) Minimizes unnecessary beam reflection.

(c) Minimizes receiving unnecessary external light.

② Cut the unnecessary external lights

③ Integrated optical scope

(a) Matches beam and scope direction

(b) Shows the clear sharp target

(3) 100 times sensitivity allowance

(4) Easy optical alignment

(5) EDC (Environmental Discrimination Circuit)

(6) Selectable4 frequencies (4ch)

(7) IP rate : IP55

(8) Adjustable Beam Interruption Time

(9) AGC (Auto Gain Control)

(10) Unique Knockout Structure

(11) Mount bracket

(12) Heater (Option)

1 twin beams offers stable operation
(1) Twin Beams offers stable Operation

When the bugs, falling leaves or other flying objects block the one beam, other one beam still can keep unit correctly without making false alarms.

①The sharp focused beam ray at long distance


(a)100 times sensitivity allowance.

This high grade lens focuses the beam ray on

the receiver without the big beam power loss.

* Refer to (3) for further detail.

integrated optical scope
③ Integrated optical scope

(a) Matches beam and scope direction

The beam and scope direction is same and fixed as the scope is integrated on the lens.




a matches beam and scope direction
(a) Matches beam and scope direction

The beam and scope direction is same and fixed as the scope is integrated on the lens.

Scope direction

Easy to align

Beam direction

Difficult to find the target

b shows the clear sharp target
(b) Shows the clear sharp target

The well designed scope offer the very clear target image. Therefore it is very easy to align the optics.

Clear image

Unfocused image

3 100 times sensitivity allowance
(3) 100 times sensitivity allowance

Stable operation is maintained even if99%of beam power is lost by rain, snow, fog, dust or other objects.

4 easy optical alignment
(4) Easy Optical Alignment

(a) Scope for Rough Alignment

5 edc environmental discrimination circuit
(5)EDC (Environmental Discrimination Circuit)

EDC is good feature to maintain total system.

The below factors drop the beam power and cause unwanted Alarms.

*Contamination of the cover

*Heavy fog , Snow, Rain, Dust and etc.,

In case of such a condition,EDC gives precaution of harsh environment.


No alarm

EDC output

*Contamination of the cover

*Heavy fog , Snow, Rain, Dust and etc.,

6 selectable 4 frequencies 4 channel
(6)Selectable 4 frequencies (4 channel)
  • 1ch to 4ch are selectable.
  • Combination of these 4 channels allows to use NRTM for various applications.

Flexibility of Installation

(a) Distance between the upper and lower units are narrow.

(b) Distance between the upper and lower units are wide.

No alarms

Makes alarms

7 ip55 ingress protection rate
(7) IP55 (Ingress Protection Rate)

IP55 : Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must

not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the

satisfactory operation of the equipment; complete

protection against contact


IP55: Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure

from any direction shall have no harmful effects.

*Test duration: at least 3 minutes

*Water volume: 12.5 liters per minute

*Pressure: 30 kN/m² at distance of 3m

8 adjustable beam interruption time
(8) Adjustable Beam Interruption Time

It is 50 mSec to 900 mSec .

It is selectable according to the application.

9 agc auto gain control
(9) AGC (Auto Gain Control)

Control the Alarm Level according to the receiving Beam Power.

If the receiving Beam power reduced very much in a short time, it could make Alarm even if Beam power is not blocked 100%. It means the unit always keeps the suitable alarm level automatically.

This clever NRTM is always watching the receiving beam power and changes the alarm level to keep stable operation.

10 unique knockout structure
(10) Unique Knockout Structure

It is not necessary to cut the cover for making the knockout hole.

The base has the enough height to make the knockout hole for wiring.

It keepsIP55for any application.

11 pole mount bracket
(11) Pole mount bracket
  • This is used for the pole installation.
  • Without this mount bracket, the chassis bends and it makes the installation difficult.


Mount bracket


12 heater option
(12) Heater (option)

NRTM works down to

– 25 °C .

But for the stable operation under the cold temperature below – 10 °C , this heater is very useful as the it warm up the inside of unit.

2 pieces are one set.

thank you

Thank you !

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