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Writing With Symbols Contact information: [email protected]

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Writing With Symbols Contact information: [email protected] Writing With Symbols is a talking word processor that has picture symbols for each word that is typed. Example. The Purpose:. Writing With Symbols provides: the teacher the ability to make visuals.

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Writing With Symbols is a talking word processor that has picture symbols for each word that is typed.


the purpose
The Purpose:

Writing With Symbols provides:

  • the teacher the ability to make visuals.
  • it allows students who can not read text to write using pictures.
  • it allows students to use a talking word processor
features of wws
Features of WWS
  • Symbol processor – each word is accompanied by a picture.
  • Talking word processor- a word processor that reads the word after you type it.
  • Making grids – a printed grid can be created using symbols and text.
teacher created materials
Teacher Created Materials:

Writing with Symbols enables teachers to create the following materials:

  • Picture stories
  • Comprehension questions
  • Picture strips
  • Picture directions
  • Picture schedules
  • Social Stories
symbol processor
Symbol Processor
  • Open the program WWS 2000.
  • From the front screen, select symbol processor.
  • You can type a sentence.
symbol processor1
Symbol Processor
  • You won’t get a picture symbol until you press the space bar after each word.
  • You can have more than one picture for each word.
  • You can choose the picture that you want to assign to a specific word.

F12 changes the picture symbol.

helpful strategies
Helpful Strategies
  • Depending on the student, you don’t need a picture symbol for each word.
  • You don’t want to overwhelm the student with too many pictures.
  • The program remembers your F12 preferences. If you displayed the word “the” without a picture symbol, “the” will automatically be displayed without a picture.
renaming a symbol
Renaming a symbol
  • Sometimes you can not find a picture for a particular word. You may be able to find another picture tat is being used with another word.
  • Type the word cat.
  • Put your cursor in the word “cat”
  • Press F11. The word cat disappears and now you can type a different word.
  • Then hit the right arrow key and continue typing the rest of your sentence.
saving new words
Saving New Words
  • You can save the changes by going to “images” on the top of the screen and selecting “save word list changes.”
  • Select the word you want to save and click add.
renaming a phrase
Renaming a Phrase
  • You can use F11 to use one picture for a series of words.
  • Type dog and put the cursor in the middle of the word.
  • Press F11.
  • Now type Here is my dog Lucky.
  • The hit the right arrow key to finish writing.
  • The program can only save phrases that are 3 words long.
setting the toolbars
Setting the Toolbars
  • Go to “view”
  • Click on normal and additional view.
  • You can change text by changing the font, size, color, and style.
  • You can change the symbol size and color.
  • You can change the space between symbols by
  • going to OPTIONS and clicking “space between
  • images”
  • You can make the space small, medium, or large.
using the word processor
Using the Word Processor
  • The second button on the main screen is for the word processor.

It is designed for:

  • Students who write in text but need visual support
  • Students who want to use pictures to go along with their writing
  • Students who need extra help in writing
word processor
Word Processor
  • You can change between symbol and text modes by pressing the F10 button.
  • Using Spell checker
  • Using speech – Click on the speech icon on the toolbar
creating a grid
Creating a Grid
  • On main screen, click on Grids for printing
  • You have 3 choices:
  • Select new grid
  • Create grid sizes
  • Type one word in each cell
  • Highlight the center block of cells.
  • Press CTRL + G to group them.
  • Group the top row of cells.
  • Now you can write a title or directions
  • www.widgit.com
  • www.speakingofspeech.com
  • www.mayer-johnson.com