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Ms M’s Top Ten Google Search Tips

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Ms M’s Top Ten Google Search Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ms M’s Top Ten Google Search Tips. Using Google . (a search engine) Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

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using google
Using Google

(a search engine)

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google\'s search technology looks for the most relevant information across all types of internet content, so your results can include images, maps, videos, news articles, books, and more.

1 first choose your search terms keywords phrases
1. First choose your SEARCH TERMS keywords/phrases
  • Synonyms or related words
  • Phrases
  • Up to 10 key words
  • No need for capital letters
  • No need for punctuation
2 search for an exact word or phrase
2. Search for an exact word or phrase
  • Use quotes to put words in exact order and keep them together in the search

“imagine all the people”

3 exclude terms with the minus sign
3. Exclude terms with the minus sign

means not

virus -computer –software

(If you want info on the illness only)

Jaguars -cars

4 use or to broaden your search
4. Use OR to broaden your search


sweatshops OR garment factories

depression OR mental illness

5 use advanced search to narrow your results
5. Use Advanced Search to narrow your results
  • Click on the gear icon on the right

Narrow your search by:


Last update

Site or domain

Reading level

Usage rights

and more!

6 search within a site or domain
6. Search within a site or domain
  • olympics
7 notice other results features
7. Notice other results features
  • Related searches/ terms are at the bottom of the page
  • Knowledge Graph on the right if you search person, place or thing
  • Ignore ads on the top and right!
8 use google news
8. Use Google News
  • Search for the latest news on your topic
9 define a word
9. Define a word

define fracking

10 evaluate your results critically
10. EVALUATE your results critically
  • Give each website the 5Ws test!
  • Can you trust the information?
five w s of website evaluation
Five W’s of Website Evaluation

  • Is the author of the information?
  • Are they credible?
  • What are their qualifications?
  • Is there a sponsor/publisher for the site?
  • kind of information is on the site?
  • Is it relevant to your topic?
  • How is it presented- is it easy to navigate?
  • Is it filled with advertising?
  • was the site created?
  • was it last updated?
  • does it originate?

Why is the site there?

  • To educate? To inform? .gov .edu .org

  • To sell something?


  • personal page? % ~ name
  • Look at the URL
for more google search tips
For More Google Search Tips

discover databases
  • Quality information you can’t find with Google
  • “invisible web”
  • magazine, newspaper articles, published books, documents, and more!
  • Language translations, citations for articles
  • Passwords needed for access
  • Go to Online Resources on the FRC Library Wiki for the links
  • ID frc Password student
  • EBSCOhost Web
  • Canadian Reference Centre
  • Canadian Points of View
  • Language translations,
  • Citations
  • Watch the tutorials!

opposing viewpoints in context
  • Password frc
  • Great for controversial topics
  • Essays, news articles, etc.
  • Citations



  • Up to date information on current issues and topics in many subject areas, world news country info, viewpoints, multimedia,
  • Password is frc

always cite your sources
Always cite your sources!
  • Keep a working bibliography
  • Use the citation tools from the databases and cut and paste the MLA citation into your document
  • More info on citing sources on the Library Wiki
for more research helps go to the frc library wiki research
For more research helps go to the FRC Library Wiki- Research